October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Decided to go red and black this year.

For dinner, it was a hearty Jaimie Oliver stew. Love this recipe, with porcini mushrooms, and cinnamon, among other wonderful herbs and spices.
I topped it with yukon gold potatoes. The recipe for the stew was from one of his cook books, and the potato idea was from his magazine. So, if none of this ended up tasting any good, we could blame Jaime for it. I think everyone liked it, as there was little left over.

Every year we have our friends come over with their delightful children, for a Halloween dinner. We never get any trick or treaters come our way, because of the rural setting, so we get our fix, by having this dinner.
Nicole and Pierre were heading to a party after dinner. Doesn't Nicole look scary? She is the Japanese ghost from "Grudge."
This picture creeped all of us out!! Poor Sophia.............
While Caitlin just looks annoyed by the Grudge ghost.
Pierre went as Dr. Death. Caitlin did both of their makeup, isn't she good!!

Weird contrast right?! Daniel was out like a light after dessert, and his little sister Eva, decided to join him.

This of course was last night, and tonight I'm not sure what we old folks are going to do to celebrate, but I'm sure we will think of something.
What is everyone else doing tonight? What ever it may be, hope everyone has a festive day and evening.



  1. What a great time you had! Congrats on another successful party! You rock!!


  2. Love the way you decorated the table. We're spending the evening watching scary movies (with the lights ON!) and answering the door to the trick or treaters. Hopefully there'll be some treats leftover!

  3. What a beautiful table and fun evening.

  4. Same to you, have a great day and such an awesome party, as always!

  5. Looks like a wild time!
    Mr. Ken and I have our candy ready and we will hang out waiting for
    the candy goblins.

    Happy Halloween!!!!


  6. We had a great time, thanks again Elizabeth and Dave! The food, as always, was amazing. The kids slept real well. :)

  7. You set an awesome table! Nothing fancy here...chili w/cheese before they ran out the door!

  8. Love it! So festive! Dude Nicole really pulled off the ghost from Ju On!! Very scary:) Me and my sister and Billy were garden gnomes:) Haven't posted yet, but will by tomorrow :)

    Love the table!

  9. What a gorgeous and gothic table! I want to be invited to Halloween at your house!

  10. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you so much for visiting my new blog :o) I loved reading about your Halloween dinner, and you have the most beautiful family. I'm a big fan of the red & black decor, too. The Jamie Oliver dinner looked delicious. I've got one of his cookbooks (Jamie's Dinners) and every recipe I've made from it so far has been a hit. Hope you're having a great week!

  11. And what was your costume? The stew looks "howlingly" delicious. Alas, I have no Jaime cookbooks or magazine. I'll have to check him out while remembering my self-imposed restraint in purchasing more cookbooks.