November 3, 2010

It is that time of year again!

My mail box has become flooded with holiday catalogs! I know some of you hate this, but I love them! It gives me ideas and gets me in the mood for shopping. Also, with the "Potter Barn" catalog, it can be a good inspiration to decorate you house for the holidays. I love the Williams Sonoma catalog, even though I'm upset with the high pressure sales tactics they use at our store! Anyway.......which are your favorite catalogs? If you have some really neat ones, let me know, so I can get on their list :)
Now I need a cup of this, and...............
A slice of this, to peruse my pile. Btw, that was the cake I made for my Halloween dinner party. Chocolate, with chocolate cream cheese frosting. YUMMY, even cold.


  1. I need a piece of that cake!!!
    It looks soooooo good.

    Have fun with your goodie books.


  2. Anthropologie (can't wait to see their Christmas offerings), The Met, Moma, Art Institute, to name a few. I scour them all. I'm ordering a few things for eldest son from Moma today. Placed an order with Williams-Sonoma (don't want to pay the three (yes three) taxes to shop at those in Chicago and Indianapolis is just too far to drive. Gotta go check the mail!!


  3. I love the store brochures, too. And I buy the December issues of all of my favourite magazines which are great for gift ideas, decorations and new recipes. As for that cake.............!!!!

  4. Elizabeth - I JUST posted. You are lightening fast. I am very happy to be home. I will be posting a bit more. I went without my computer for a week - it gave me a lot of time to think. I needed it. Thanks for leaving me a comment - it is nice to know that somewhere out there, somebody cares. Looks like I should have gone to your place for Halloween. My favorite catalog? mmm, it would be nice to get the one from Anthropologie, like Bonnie does, I gained weight just from perusing the William Sonoma Thanksgiving catalog. If I get a really good one I will let you know. Carolina

  5. i rather like getting the holiday catalogs too. it's fun to dream and get ideas.

  6. That cake looks AMAZING. Ugh... I want it. You know, come to think about it, I dont really get too many catalogs! I get Pottery Barn, C&B, and the Paper Source catalog. You know what I LOVE? I love looking though Fingerhut catalogs with all their cheesy Christmas stuff - I get a kick out of it!

  7. WOW that cake looks incredible! I actually love cold chocolate cake! What kind of tea is that?