November 13, 2010

Things I'm loving at the moment

Eating hot fluffy popcorn, mixed with peanut M&Ms. If you haven't had this combo, it is pretty tasty.
This beautiful dark purple/green kale, and butternut squash.
Spending time with Nicole and her friend Kaylin, wandering Berkeley, and....
These beautiful pomegranates that Cyrous brought over today! These are a variety from Iran. The seeds are more pink.

I have been sick for a whole week, and have been in a cold medicine haze. Friday I started feeling much better, and went out with Nicole and her friend to Berkeley. The weather was picture perfect. All the leaves turning colors, and the way the sunshine was hitting them were making me so happy. Beautiful fall colors everywhere you looked.
I'm also heading back into the sewing room after a long break. We had furry little critters in the attic that needed to be dealt with, and the way to the attic is through a closet in the hallway. The contents of said closet, were moved into my work space, and sat there for a month! The exterminators would set some traps and come back a week later, until there were no more. You would think there were hoards of them for the amount of time it took,but there were only 4 caught. Happy to say all is tidy, and I can begin some sewing once again.

What is making you happy in this beautiful fall season??


  1. Glad to hear that you are felling better--no fun feeling sick.
    Weekends and time off from school.

    Get plenty of rest.

    Happy Sunday.


  2. Kaylin's outfit is CUTE. And of course, Nicole always.

  3. i love your daughter's style and hope you are all better by now! i'm loving the fall colors and i even saw a rose in bloom this weekend.

  4. Neat list Elizabeth! Happy VERY belated birthday :0)
    I have enjoyed catching up on your posts. What's in store for Thanksgiving? I know you will do something amazing. Can't wait to see.


  5. Sorry you were sick! Never fun :( Love your list..I love popcorn with treats mixed in, peanut m&ms are one of my favorite. Also love reese's pieces and junior mints. I love all the fall produce as well...the pomegranates, the squash and pumpkins, etc. I am just loving everything fall related right now!

  6. I would have loved to be in Berkeley with you and your charmingly stylish girl!! Right now I am loving making lists for holiday foods, starting some Christmas shopping, and crunching through fallen leaves.

    Hope you are all better now.


  7. I was sorry to hear you were feeling under the weather. I rarely get sick, but when I do, I don't feel like doing anything ... anything at all. I love the color of your Kitchenaid mixer. I had to ban myself from William Sonoma for two years (catalog included) after I bought a second mixer just because I loved the color (breast awareness campaign pink). It doesn't go with anything in my house, but you know how it goes ... I just HAD to have it. It is rather embarrassing information to divulge, but it is what it is. Carolina

  8. Yum on the popcorn! We have been popping it on the stove, but I have been adding different herbs and spices, but peanut m&ms sounds great!