November 22, 2010

Wedding bells for a friend

On Saturday, we flew down to southern California for our dear friend Joe's wedding. Joe is a very special friend of ours that we have known since college days. Circa 1983!! Joe has found love the second time around, after his first wife(Barbara) of 22 years sadly passed away, after battling with cystic fibrosis all her life. Barbara was a fighter, and never a whiner about being ill, and lived life to the fullest. One of her best accomplishments was her family. They had a beautiful daughter, named Alexandra. She was a wonderful mother, and wife, and we miss her dearly.
This post is for Joe and his new beautiful wife Linda. While we haven't had the pleasure of getting to know her yet, they make such a handsome couple, but most importantly they make each other happy, and have blended their two families together in such a beautiful way. We are so very happy for Joe, that he found someone to share his life with, and we hope to get to know Linda better. Enjoy the wedding photos......
Saturday, it rained so hard that we were all worried we would be a little wet watching these to get hitched. It cleared up about a half an hour before the ceremony. The celebration took place over looking the sea, in the lovely town of San Clemente.
Joe and David.
The happy groom, waiting for the bride.

Linda, being escorted by her son Kurtis down the isle.

Joe's daughter Alexandra in the middle, and Linda's daughter Alexis on the right.

Family blessing
The happy couple! Mr. and Mrs. Joe Baird

Here is one just of the pretty ladies.
Do you see the clouds over head?! That is what was passing over. Thank goodness there was a break in the weather.
The reception was held at Joe's house, and it was very beautiful. Full of laughter, joy and family love.
Congratulations Joe and Linda!


  1. Wishing blessed happiness for the new couple.


  2. Oh, I love it! A wedding by the sea! Bay? Anyhow, the reception looks especially cozy and wonderful. Sorry about the plane delay though...yuck!

  3. Seriously wasn't the rain amazing?! San Clemente is so close to us, and yes it is amazingly beautiful there. I am so happy for them! I hope if I ever passed away my husband would remarry. Their daughters are beautiful. Thank you for sharing their celebration!