November 23, 2010

The Ritz at Laguna Niguel

Welcome to the Ritz! This is the second Ritz we have stayed in, and I have decided I could get use to visiting other Ritz locations. We wanted to make the weekend to southern California fun, and this was going to be part of it. Tomorrow I will do a post on our visit to San Juan Capistrano mission. The mission was something that we have been wanting to see for a long time. With a wedding, a luxury hotel stay, and a beautiful mission to see, what more could you want?! We had a lot of fun. ( CLICK ON ALL PHOTOS TO SEE THEM BIGGER)

I loved this more unusual Christmas decor through out the hotel.

Yes, those are surf boards propped up on the pillars. You know you are in surfing territory when you see this!
This looked so beautiful in person. The camera kind of caught it more on the dark side unfortunately. The view from that window is gorgeous!
We sat here while we waited for brunch to be served.

The main restaurant with an ocean view.
Because we had to try out what they were having for brunch, we reserved this ocean view table to enjoy the feast. Starting out with some lovely champagne, my drink of choice by the way.
This was their "amuse bouche." A little fresh fruit..........
followed by the first course of smoked salmon crepe. The timbale in the corner was salmon as well. Very good!!!!
We both decided to have lobster Benedict. So, so good! The English muffin on the bottom was toasted so nicely. Sometimes when I order this, it seems like they don't toast it, and it has a mushiness to it. Not this one though, is was crunchy loveliness.
Oh, it isn't over yet. Dessert was a sticky toffee pudding with a tiny scoop of ice cream. I was so thankful that the dessert was miniature, because at that point, the tummy was quite full. They also served a basket of pastries. Both Ritz Carlton's that we have stayed in, served the best tasting coffee and orange juice also. Sometimes in hotels things like that usually fall short, but not here. Also our waiter "Francisco" was so nice and pleasant to chat with.

We were thinking it would be quite fun to visit other Ritz locations and compare them, wouldn't that be fun?! The last Ritz we stayed in was when we went to visit my father in law in Nevada, and we stayed in Ritz Las Vegas. That was equally as fun and luxurious.
They really spoil you here, to the point of ruining all other lesser hotels that you would more than likely end up in. One other Ritz that we went to was the one in San Francisco, but for dinner, it too was amazing.
Hope you enjoyed a little tour of the Ritz in Laguna Niguel!


  1. wow, the ritz is seriously elegant and befitting it's name! loved the tour and those floral designs, plus the food and the view. of course!

  2. Wow! What a treat to stay there! I really enjoyed looking at your gorgeous pictures and pretending to be there myself :)

  3. Ooo la la! You two certainly go all out! What a treat indeed!! The Christmas decor is lovely, and I am coveting your meal right about now :)


  4. Thanks for the "California Sunshine"...we have snow on the ground. Looks like an amazing spot, thanks for sharing! xo

  5. I really get quite envious with all the pics of gorgeous California that you post. If you are thinking of ever doing a "Ritz Run", where you try seeing several of their different locations, then you JUST HAVE TO go one year for Christmas to their resort in Beaver Creek. I don't know if it is the fact that the resort oozes cozy with their guitar singer that plays while you thaw out in front of their HUGE fireplace, or the aprés-skiing marshmallows that they hand out by the fire pits at the bottom of the run, but they do Christmas right. All of Vail/Beaver creek seems to have a million little lights on every tree and the covered bridge in Vail is a Christmas card that you can walk through. If you there go, let me know. Carolina

  6. My goodness - that lobster benedict looks ahhhhmazing! Last week when Zac and I were at the beach, I ordered crab benedict for breakfast - what a treat!! I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!