October 2, 2010

Rock and Roll Friday night

We went to a concert last night, and some dinner at Flora. Flora is across the street from the Oakland Fox Theater, so it is very convenient to have dinner there, then race across the street. You can even see how the line looks from the window, for those that are going to be up by the stage.
My little concert buddy :)
The woman to the left in the picture, is the owner of Flora, and also Dona Tomas, our other favorite restaurant. Next time I go to Flora, I'm going to take some photos of their bathrooms, because the are pretty cool. I know that sounds funny, but you should see them!
Day boat scallops with gnocchi, English peas, and one other green that I can't remember. It was sooo good!
Dave chose the vegetarian choice, that consisted of shell beans, tomatoes, potatoes,poached egg. He really liked it.
I haven't had a pork shop in so long that I can't even remember, so when I saw this on the menu with apples, chard and mashed potatoes, I said yes , sign me up!! This pork chop was so moist, that I just had to ask the waiter if they brined them first. He said "of course we do," with a sly smile.

As you can see, everything was very good.
We shared this lovely dessert of chocolate, peanut butter kind of pudding, with a tiny bit of ice cream.
Off to see the Flaming Lips. I didn't know very much about this band, only some songs I had heard on my Pandora selection. They are hard to explain, so if you are really curious about them, go here.
This theater is incredible, and I can't stop taking pictures of all the architectural elements of it.
We had nose bleed seats, but hey, I got to snap this shot of the ceiling, and
these gorgeous lamps.
One of the signature things about the Flaming Lips, is the lead singer comes out in a huge bubble, and throws himself out into the crowd of people to be tossed about for a bit. So fun to watch.
Confetti was non stop, and giant balloons, that I didn't manage to capture, but I did on a video I made.
The mood of the place was like a psychedelic party! When I go to a concert of a band that I'm not too familiar with, it is a lot of fun to see the crowd and asses the types of people that like them. This crowd was very mixed, young looking hipsters, wanna be hippies, and some older people like us. It was fun to watch those who knew their songs by heart and sang along, and also dressed for the occasion, like this guy behind us, with his orange hoodie, who was really, really getting into it. I think he was dressing like the dancers you see to the sides of the stage. It must be this bands color.
It was a very fun night out, and I can't wait to see some more bands there soon.
I'm still anxiously awaiting for U2 to come in June. As some of you know, they had to cancel our show last June, because of Bono hurting his back. It was rescheduled for June 7th, 2011. Until then, I'll keep entertained at the Fox Theater :)


  1. Wow...looks like a really "cool" show!...that sounds so silly, but what else can I say! lol We went out Saturday night to our local theatre...seats 400 and it is only a 5 minute drive from home. Saw a Canadian band that formed in 1969...April Wine...they were "cool" too, but in a different way. 60 year old rock stars! haha

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    Loved the theatre pics--very cool.


  3. I can see why you and your "date" licked the bowls clean. The food looks delicious--and, if's a relative of Dona Tomas I can only imagine how delicious it tasted.

    Was the theater originally a cinema? I think all of the big Chicago theaters were previously cinemas.


  4. Hello Elizabeth...
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I've been browsing around yours and it looks like we have very similar tastes - France, sewing, cooking, etc.

    This outing looks like it was a lot of fun!

  5. the restaurant sounds and looks wonderful and the show/theater, too. we watched rattle & hum the other day and bono was so dreamy. hubba, hubba!