December 22, 2010

Little bit of baking

Baking is so much fun isn't it?! I love baking around the holidays, it just gives the house that extra special warmth. Yesterday I made cherry, chocolate oatmeal cookies, and spritz cookies as well.
The spritz cookies had vanilla and almond extract in them, boy is that a wonderful smell! Would love to have a perfume made of that.
I was slightly annoyed when I started making the oatmeal cookies, because I didn't realize you had to chill the dough for two hours or more, which then put a crimp in the production. I decided that I would start on the spritz cookies while I waited for the others to chill out in the fridge.
I love how spritz cookies are almost instant gratification, because they are so simple to execute. They are so tender, buttery and bite sized. Tomorrow I plan to decorate all these little gems and then make some more
cookies, and chocolate bark. Everything thing will be boxed up and given to friends and family.
Yay, Christmas cookies!!! Aren't they the best?!

Tomorrow I plan on getting my floral arrangement put together. I'll take some photos for the how to. If it turns out odd, you may not see it at all.....Just kidding, it should be pretty simple to make. I'm excited to do it and I hope my vision for the table comes out the way I want it to.

3 More days folks!!


  1. i love anything with cherries in it...i will add this to my list. i hosted a cookie exchange a couple weeks back. we did half dozens because there were a bunch of us...6 dozen cookies have completely disappeared! i think i'll do a bit of baking tomorrow, if i have time! busy, busy, busy!!
    Merry Christmas!...i responded to your comment on my blog...thanks for all the glad to know that someone is reading it!!

  2. cookies are one of my favorite things to eat so i whole-heartedly agree. :)
    those cookies look so good - did you you a press?

    anyway, merry christmas and happy new year! stay warm and dry.

  3. Mmmm! They look wonderful Elizabeth. We iced the cutout sugar cookies this morning. I'm trying to decide if I should make one more batch of something. I like your idea of cherries with the oatmeal:0) Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas together!


  4. Yummmm oh how I love baking during the holidays. Well I love to bake any time of the year, but I love that this time of the year you can share, give as gifts, and all the possibilities!! MMMM :)

  5. They look yummy!
    No baking this year here--I'm too tired to try to get that done.
    Maybe next year.


  6. Jen,
    Yes I used a cookie press, made by Wilton. It is a pretty nice one, and the cookies turn out so nice.