January 18, 2011

Look what came in the mail!

I saw this tray a while back, and have been really wanting it since then. There was a shop in Oakland that had it, and when I went over there with my Christmas money in hand, it was sold! I was so sad, since the shopkeeper told me they were not sure they could ever get it again.
My husband found a website in England called "An Angel At My Table," and they were having a winter clearance. My little birdie tray was one of the items! Oh joy!! The tray is from the company called iBride. It arrived yesterday, and now I have to find a spot for him. If you go on the web link of the place we got it from, you can see how cool they look on a wall.
Now I'm off to start transferring my other cute bird on to some cloth. I finally got around to getting all the right color of threads for it, so I have no more excuses to get my rear in gear to start on it!
I'll show you some progress hopefully in a few days.
Those of you that are crafty, what are you working on these days?


  1. All the way from England! What fun!!

  2. It is so beautiful! Very unique...and you will just love it forever because you knew it was meant to be yours right from the start! I haven't been very crafty...just puttering and blogging! Lots more snow here today after a bunch of very cold days...

  3. Lol I had the same obsession with these two bird prints I found at Target before Chirstmas. When we got a few visa giftcards from my in-laws, I couldn't wait to get out there to snatch them up! Now they are in my living room <3

    I did my daughter's nursery in a bird theme and since then, they're my new thing.

  4. Así es que el amor de tus hijas por los pájaros viene de tí, eh????
    Mil besos guapa.

  5. So whimsical and bold! And how awesome that it was on sale. I'm currently in the process of making baby bibs, a skirt, pom-pom garlands and re-decorating/organizing the.entire.house!

  6. I love your bird! I'm a bird "collector" myself. My son sends me bird "things" for special occasions. He has great taste. A few he has purchased at a shop in Oakland--the name escapes me but I've been there. Wonder if it's the same shop?


  7. How lucky for you and what a great hubby you have to look for you.
    Can't wait to see where he lands--Ha! ha!


  8. It will be nice to see your rendition in thread
    Happy New Year too. I haven't been by in awhile

  9. oh man. ive been wanting one of those trays FOREVA!

  10. I've always wanted one of these !! (the one with a deer) but wasn't lucky enough to come across some sales ;)
    good pick !