January 13, 2011

New project

See the little birdie in the picture? I'm going to do a little thread painting of him. I have other ideas that will go into the project. I hope to show you soon how it comes out.
Finding all the colors to match up to his feathers was so much fun. It is a kingfisher, isn't he the cutest?!


  1. good for you! looks like a great challenge...
    so funny about your dad being in St Catharines. we lived there for 7 years before we moved up here. we bought a century home that needed a ton of work...of course we finished right before we put it on the market! won't be doing that this time...staying put for a while.

  2. I will be looking forward to it.
    Mil besos guapa, ya sabes que te espero siempre.

  3. yes, he looks gorgeous! i can't wait to see what you do. i'm trying my hand at sashiko, which is much simpler. enjoy your weekend!

  4. Can't wait to see how this comes out!

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. This project is going to be awesome. How big will the bird be?, Have you decided all the details (stitch type etc) already? I hope you have good reading glasses. Are you going to put it on something that may end up in your etsy shop? I am looking forward to seeing the progress as you work at it. Carolina

  6. OOH fun!! Can't wait to see the finished product! Love the colors

  7. I love kingfishers though I've only ever seen one in real life. Have to admit I haven't a clue what thread painting is.