February 11, 2011

Busy, busy February

February has been extremely busy so far, and there is still more to come! We have friends and family coming this weekend. My sis will be here for a couple of days with her kids, and we always have so much fun. I'm really looking forward to spending some fun times with them.
Valentine's day has snuck up on me this year, and I only have a few touches around the house to mark the holiday. I NEVER buy fake flowers, for those that know me, they will back me up on this one, BUT I caved in when I saw these cherry blossoms at Pottery Barn. Every time I look at them from a distance, I can't believe how real looking they appear. My husband has horrible allergies, so bringing in cherry blossoms in the house, with all that pollen, would not be nice. These will most likely be the only fake blooms you will ever see in my home though.

A dear friend of mine gave me this red velvet cake mix as a gift, and so I thought I'd bake it off for our dinner guests tonight. It is from Thomas Keller's line of mixes for Williams Sonoma. I'll report back to you if it was any good. I will be making the cream cheese frosting today for it.

This is what is left of my Valentine candies in my dish! Who ate all of these???
I leave you with a bight sunny photo of my yard. Look at the bright blue sky! The first two weeks of February here in the Bay Area are always sunny and warm, almost a fake out spring. Then as usual, this coming week, starting on Monday, the rain comes back with cooler temps.
Next week will be super exciting for me, because my pen pal of 39 years will be coming out to California to visit me!!!! I blogged about her a while back, but in case you don't remember, or are new here, I'll give you the short version. In fifth grade we all had to do a state report, and once you had chosen your state, you had to then pick a town, write to the chamber of commerce so that they could forward your letter to a fifth grade class in that town. We have been writing since then! I'll have plenty of pictures of our visit.
Until then, hope everyone has a very happy and loving Valentine's day!!!


  1. I have missed your posts!! How fun that your pen pal is coming, I remember you telling me about her. Anxious to hear how the sewing is going (too busy to start yet?)
    Hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day my friend! xo

  2. How much fun for you.Sounds like ou are going to be very BUSY!!!!!
    Have fun.

    Happy Valentine's Day.


  3. That is quite a lengthy correspondence! Have you two met before?

    Have you read "Foreign Correspondence" by Geraldine Brooks. It, too, is an amazing story of pen pals. It includes visits between the narrator and three childhood pen pals from different parts of the world after they reach adulthood. Excellent!

    Enjoy the visit.


  4. Ohhh...I'm so happy to learn of those cherry blossoms! I second your sentiments on fake flowers but, those look to be a exception that I will be making as well!
    Happy Valentines Day Elizabeth! ~Cece

  5. Pen Pal? I think that blogging is a lot like having pen pals, that is why I love it so much. A family friend married her pen pal. She was from Chile , he was from N.Y. The thought of it all really blew me away with the possibilities of true friendship that can start with a few, simple lines, introducing ourselves. I am hoping for the same with you and me , Elizabeth. Especially since I am drooling over how deep the red is on that velvet cake. On this post there was so much to love. I would love to see you sew something with that handkerchief; it reminded me that I have a few antique handkerchiefs, myself, in amongst my sewing stash. Happy Valentine's day. Carolina

  6. Hope you have great times with your visitors. I remember having penpals when I was at school but didn't keep up the letter writing, unfortunately. Thought you might like "Ladies of Letters" (CD's/DVD/book) which are so funny.


  7. Elizabeth: I did get those popcorn boxes at Target. I didn't notice any running of the red when I washed them but will have to keep an eye on them. Thanks for the heads up.


  8. I've always wanted to try red velvet cake ! but now that I 've been diagnosed with gluten intolerace i can't of course :( too late !

    There is nothing wrong with fake flowers when they're that beautiful ! (and I'm not trying to be polite here) SIA has some wonderful ones & I totally understand your husband's health issues (sweet of you to think about this) I'm going to have a super hard time in April with the canola flowers !!
    I hope you're having a great month with all your visitors xx