February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I don't care how cynical you are, if you open your door to find a dozen roses on your front door step on Valentine's day, it will melt your heart. That is what I found this morning on my door step. For me, it never gets old. I get real sad when someone says Valentine's day is a Hallmark holiday, to those people I say, look up the history behind St. Valentine, and it may just change your mind. Even as a child I loved Valentine's day, even though I may have not received a Valentine from my crush, I still adored it.

My husband knows I love squirrels, so click on the photo to see the cute little squirrels on the card. Too cute!!!
All the way from Paris........my favorite chocolates. Oh my, I can't wait to sample these.
Tonight I plan to spend a night out with my Valentine here. I sure hope you extend a bit of love to those special to you on a holiday, that I think deserves more respect, than being called a Hallmark holiday! Happy Valentine's day!!!!!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you....the roses are lovely...I just had some chocolates delivered to my door. A sweet friend being so thoughtful :) I get mushy today. Mike is taking all his girls out tonight. Have a nice date!

  2. i love your deep red roses and the candy, yum. happy love day! xo, c

  3. I love Chez Pannisse! Upstairs or down, it's a treat. The last time we were there, we went for lunch upstairs and I felt as if I were dining in a tree house. Have a wonderful time. And, you have those lovely chocolates and roses to come home to.


  4. Happy Valentines Day- a box of chocolate from Paris and roses on the front door step.

    What a lovely day.

  5. You have a keeper there!



  6. I adore valentines day too. The kids were so excited about it this year making it even more special

  7. I was afraid of clicking on the "here" highlighted word. I knew I was in for envy running through my veins - and girlfriend - I AM STILL GREEN WITH ENVY. Like a spoiled child I am practically whining "I wanna go to Chez Pannisse, I wanna go to Chez Pnnisse."
    It is going to take me several days to recover from this one. Carolina

  8. okay I don't like the marketing frenzy (fortunately not yet in France) & I'm not keen on red roses... BUT I think your husband is adorable, I think you deserve an adorable husband, I'm glad to see you happy, and I don't mind receiving flowers or an extra gift either from mine :)