April 22, 2011

Happy Easter weekend to everyone!

Here are a few components to my Easter table this year. I have many things around the house to choose from to make a fun cheerful table. Disregard the other table cloth below, and ......
picture lots of flowers in little egg shells and other wonderful little Easter touches.

Here are the flowers that will adorn the table.

I see it in my minds eye, but will it turn out like I want? I hope so. If all else fails, then I can do something much more simple, but I think it will be just fine.
I will be making the yummy leg of lamb that I did last year, and everyone wants the cheesecake as well. The sides might be changed up a bit from last year though.

Yesterday Nicole helped me finally get the Esty shop banner done. That was a lot of fun but lots of work! Big squeezy hug to her for helping me get it done. Now I need to do some photos of the items I have finished and start putting them in the shop! Excited and nervous about the whole thing. I really can't wait to have everything in there, so it looks like a little store I would open up :)

Hope everyone has a very, very happy Easter!!! Of course there will be loads of Easter brunch and dinner shots so stay tuned.


  1. How beautiful ~ I love your color theme this year, and with lots of vibrant spring flowers!! Can't wait to see your pictures, Elizabeth.

    Congratulations on the opening of your new Etsy shop, too, I look forward to visiting!

    Sending abundant blessings for a very joyous Easter celebrations. xo

  2. Oooh, I need some Easter tulips... Maybe I should start dropping hints to the hubby ;-P

  3. Sounds like fun!
    Looking forward to your opening!


  4. Happy Easter! Everything will look so pretty, like always! My girls got busy today and put out all the bunnies, ducks and chicks. I still might get the itch to photograph the festivities around here...
    Good luck with the shop set up...so much to do!

  5. Happy Easter Elizabeth!!!
    Have fun with your lovely family!!

  6. Happy Easter to you. The flowers are gorgeous.

  7. your easter colors are beautiful! can't wait to see how everything turned out. and a big congratulations on the etsy shop!!