May 2, 2011

Trip to the Grand Canyon

So, I took a little trip to the Grand Canyon this past weekend with David. He was doing a hike for charity with Shelter Inc. This is an amazing organization, that you should read about if you click on the link. These wonderful people raised over 130,000 dollars in pledges! We flew into
Phoenix Thursday and took a four hour bus ride to Grand Canyon Park. I loved seeing all the different landscapes and land formations on the way there.
This was the first view that we got to see when we arrived (Mather Point). Of course these pictures do not capture the true beauty of the place, nor the feeling you get when you first see it! I don't ever use the word awesome, because I think it is over used in our language, but this truly is AWESOME! Gorgeous, amazing, and makes you proud that this natural wonder is in our country.

The colors are so beautiful, and every time you turn it changes in the light, and depending on where you are standing.

You must click on these to make them larger, and enjoy the colors and all the cool layers of rock formations.

6 million years in the making!
If you were being crazy and possibly drunk, this tiny barrier is what is between you and sudden death!

They really mean it when they say caution! I saw a book in one of the book shops that was on all the documented deaths from falling off the edge, Yikes!
In the "El Tovar" lodge, there was a little museum of the history of food service that came with all the tourism in the Grand Canyon. I really enjoyed the story of the Harvey girls, and their uniforms.

I wish they had recreated this cup in their gift shop. So charming, and well designed.
Look out studio
Front of El Tovar
Kolb studio.
Another view of El Tovar Lodge
Don't you love this porch and the rocking chairs?!
Hopi house. This is where they had a lot of beautiful hand crafts from local Native Americans.
David taking a rest.
David had a wonderful hike in the canyon with his group, and has many wonderful photos of another perspective. He saw some pretty amazing prehistoric fossils, and animal foot prints. They had hoped to see some California condors, but didn't.
I'm very proud of him for training and executing this hike. I would never be able to do it! I would be the one that would have held up the whole group and have been left behind. He wasn't even sore the next day!
This was an amazing group of people and so nice to be around.
It was quite a fun experience and I was glad I got to tag along and be a part of it.


  1. Beautiful shots of the canyon! My Dad was there just a couple weeks ago...
    Hope you're well... haven't even picked my camera up for a couple of weeks. What is up with that?? :)

  2. thank you so much for reminding me such wonderful (back in 1995 !) memories !! (spent only one day there but i went on the helicopter ride : the once in a lifetime moment !) i so needed that today & it makes me smile to see you had such a happy time !