May 3, 2011

The shop is open!

Well guys, it is finally open! The Etsy shop that was in the making for quite some time is finally up and ready to go.
There are 7 items in the shop at the moment, with more going in as I finish them.
It sure does take time to set things up!
These photos are shots of items that are in there now, and ready to sell. I hope you have fun
looking at all the items in there, because I had so much fun making them!
Each one I make, I feel a close attachment to, and hope that they all go to a good home!
After doing a lot of research on Esty in the children's clothing section, I hope I have come up
with something a little different, and my hope is that the pieces will stand out
in a sea of other handmade items on there. Enjoy!

I'm off to sew up some more little lovelies :)


  1. i wish my girls were still babies...such pretty creations. i love the mouse! xo

  2. Oooo so beautiful! Those bloomers are my favorite!

  3. your work is incredible, elizabeth! i love it all, especially the liberty dress and bloomers. i wish you all the best with your new venture. xo, c

  4. What cute little bitties.
    Your trip to The Grand Canyon looked like fun too.


  5. SOOO cute! And SO well made! You are so talented Elizabeth! Congrats on your open, I hope you had champagne :)


  6. Congratulations on launching your shop. I'm sure everything will be snapped up.

  7. MARVELOUS - FANTASTIC - Finally ... quality children's clothing made in the USA that will be handed down through the generations. No small feet, but you did it! I am "patiently" awaiting my purchase. Carolina

  8. gorgeous! the attention to detail and material quality really shows. and already a sale--woo hoo! :D

  9. Again I am here. I am here to tell all of your readers and YOU to come by MY blog for a little more Gossamer Wings love.
    Hint: I am a very happy customer.

  10. everything is beautiful! the quality of each piece radiates from the photos...truly. you are so talented!

  11. Happy Mother's Day, Elizabeth. I am already anticipating how you might, in a few days, make me jealous if you were to post what you eat today in celebration of Mother's Day. I am ready, I can take it. Have a wonderful day. Carolina