May 9, 2011

Mommies day

Yay, we are going to the city for Mother's Day....Boo, everyone else is too!! click on the photo, if you want to see the major congestion. The gang had picked a secret location to celebrate Mother's Day, but before we did that, I wanted to go to the Legion of Honor to see this show. This is my favorite museum in San Francisco, and if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know this. The museum is deep into the city though, and takes some time to get there. Usually it is fine, but yesterday because of all this traffic, I was a bit anxious trying to get there on time.
Finally in the city, driving past city hall.
When I see this sign off Geary, I get excited, because the next block is 34th Ave, and that is where you turn for the museum. Yay!! We made it, with a bit of time to see the exhibit too :)
They won't let you take photos in the exhibit area, so this is the only photo I have inside. We are waiting for David to park, and meet us in the entrance. It was a lovely show, and luckily it wasn't so huge, that I got to enjoy it for the amount of time we had there.
I always love the view of the city from the hill top of the museum.
OOPs, I meant to put a picture here of where we ended up. The family surprised me with tea at Lovejoy's. A very quirky tea house that is a favorite in San Francisco. It feels as if you are visiting your grandmother.
Tea sandwiches, salads, fruit, and delicious tea of course. Cozy and lots of fun, for a beautiful sunny Mother's Day.

My babies

They also had a little antique shop across the street that we went to take a peek in.
I have way too many tea cups at home, so I resisted the urge to really look that hard.
This one caught my eye though. No, it did not go home with me.
I had a very nice day with the family, and yes, the guys did come to tea, but sadly I don't have any super great pictures of them there.
My goodies from the family. Nicole and Pierre got me these adorable vintage Steiff animals. LOVE them!!!
The books that I picked up at the museum. I loved that Elsa Mora's art, was on the cover of this paper cutting book. The other of course is of the exhibit.

Darling little card that Caitlin drew and painted.
Don't you love these little animals?!
Lovely necklace David and Caitlin got me. It is always nice wearing little symbols of your children.

Hope all the moms out there enjoyed their day.


  1. Wow this makes me miss San Francisco SO much!! Looks like such a wonderful day, and your kids all put so much thought into it all. So special...glad you had a nice day! XO

  2. What beautiful daughters you have, and what a lovely day!!!

  3. I checked out the Pulp Fiction link ... AWESOME, I had seen her work somewhere before, but this seemed like an unbelievable collection of her work. I would have enjoyed the Fortuni tent. Shall we put the tea place on our hit list for when I ever come out to visit? I would enjoy that. Let's pick a day with a little less traffic. I think I can count, on my two hands, how many traffic lights there are in my town, & only two streets that have more than two lanes. So ... about your daughter's card... why is it that some people are just so naturally gifted and at such a young age? Beautiful. Carolina

  4. Looks like such a wonderful Mother's Day! Hats off to you, Elizabeth, a mother much loved by your girls! Your relationship with them is touching.


    P.S. Steiff animals . . . ahhhhhhhh. Adore the giraffe! And you asked me about the trim on the canvas tool belt. I've had it in my stash forever. Not sure if it's vintage or not. I sewed it on so the swag falls below the bottom, giving the bottom edge a scalloped look.

  5. You and your daughters are so cute together!! And the scones and paper-cutting look just so light and lovely.

  6. looks like the perfect day minus the traffic. love the tea and the antique shop. glad you had a wonderful day with your sweet daughters.

  7. Lots of lovely treats for you. I could eat afternoon tea every day!

  8. A little behind what with Blogger being down and all.
    Looks like a great Mother's Day for you. The necklace is beautiful.


  9. What a lovely others Day! Your daughters are so gorgeous and mother like daughter :)