May 15, 2011


Caitlin had to help her sister(in the city) with a photo shoot, by doing the makeup on the model. We decided to hang out at the SF MOMA. We are members to the three big museums in San Francisco, and this one, I have mixed feelings about. Sometimes I choke a bit when we renew the membership, because we don't go near enough to justify the rather steep price for the membership, but every once in a while they have a great show. They also opened up their roof top sculpture garden that we haven't seen yet, along with "The Blue Bottle Cafe." The pastry chef, makes ..........
this cake! The Piet Mondrian cake!!!!!!! It has a pound cake consistency,with a ganache frosting, and it is really, really good.

David got the ice cream cone that mimics the sculpture in the cafe, by British artist Tony Cragg that is pictured below.

Sculpture by Tony Cragg
There are many notable sculptures, by such artists as Alexander Calder, Robert Arneson, Ellsworth Kelley.
This is in the entry of the lobby.

As we left the skies were so clear and crisp after the rain we had last night.
I forgot my camera on this little museum adventure, so all these photos are with my iphone, including this odd one that I snapped on my way out.

I've got three new items to add to the shop this week, so watch for them, and a giveaway as well, so come back and check it out.


  1. I've had Blue Bottle Coffee and even order some from time to time--any connection? I love the desserts! This is one museum (among many) that we haven't visited in the area.


  2. Thanks for taking me along. I think I would get a kick to see the sculptures and then see them in dessert form. An added bonus is if they also taste great. Some times museums and galleries can feel a little full of themselves and a bit somber. I like that they used their menu to make a light hearted, humorous connection to the work in the museum. I may not knit myself a Mondrian inspired sweater, but the thought of a dessert, inspired by him, that would only last a few minutes is pure fun. Mondrian would have loved that, and the same goes for the "ice cream" sculpture. I love getting to know San Francisco through your posts. Carolina

  3. Oh my gosh, THAT CAKE!!! I am in love!

  4. I love the cake! Super fancy and funny!

  5. i love the cake and ice cream cone. so great!

  6. Looks like fun!
    I so hope you are right in regards to Castle. Such a surprise though.


  7. reading this makes me want to live in the city...or at least nearer to it. that cake is fantastic!