June 12, 2011

U2 360

If you are not a U2 fan, you should probably just "Walk On. " .......It was a whole year that we had to wait to see my very favorite band in the world to come to town, but boy was it worth the wait!
Just when you think they can't top themselves they go and do it! If you want to read some crazy stats on this tour go here. When you walk into the stadium, you can't believe the sheer magnitude of the Claw!! Also the sea of humanity!
The concert was at the Oakland coliseum, and it was filled to capacity with many U2 fans. We had great seats, and had so much fun :)

Bono and the gang still can rock the house!! I looked up the set list for our show, and they
sang 25 songs, and played for 2 and a half hours. A lot of the songs were from my favorite album (Achtung Baby). It all went by way too fast!

Bono dedicated "Beautiful Day" to Gabby Giffords. Her husband Mark Kelly had a message from above for all of us. This was so emotional and so beautifully sung.
These shots are some of the different ways this claw was lit up.................

It almost looks like it could take off.
Loved this version. What seems like a huge impersonal concert was quite the opposite.

Well done, my favorite Irish lads, can't wait to see what you guys do next!


  1. I saw a clip of this "stage" on TV. It was mind blowing. I just love how U2 keeps there artistic juice at such a high level. After as many hits as they have had, they could easily have gone the other route and rested on their laurels and nobody would have "noticed a difference". Instead they have gone above and beyond and let the public enjoy what it feels like to live creatively at the edge of your skin. Good to see that "you too" enjoyed the ride. Carolina

  2. Well said Carolina! That is what is incredible about them. It wasn't until they started showing footage of the good old days on that huge screen, that you realize they have been together for 30+ years!!!

    I'm a huge fan of theirs and marvel at their friendship with each other, and how none of them fell into the rock and roll drug trap.

    It was a great evening :)

  3. the show looks awesome and i've never seen anything like that claw before in a concert. very cool! i still love them after all these years!

  4. Looks like somebody had a fun time!
    It is always nice to enjoy a concert when so much is put into it by the fan.
    Glad you had fun.