June 5, 2011

Camera bag/purse

How many of you are tired of carrying around an ugly camera bag, and also trying to maneuver your purse as well. After my last trip I took, I decided I had to buy a combination of the two, because I was super fed up and uncomfortable schlepping both. I went on line trying to see if such a thing existed. I found this and this, just to name a couple. They were way more than I wanted to spend. I looked at some blogs that had DYI tutorials on making your own. After reading a few of them, I thought I could probably do it.

I went off to Target to find an inexpensive purse that had a shoulder strap, and other things I wanted in my camera bag. I found the above purse for only $29.95. Better than $169.00!!!

I had this fabric in my stash already, so all I had to do was buy a yard of one inch foam, and some quilt batting, to make it extra soft and cushy. I'm happy to say that everything fits perfect, and I'm so happy with the results. I think with all the supplies including the purse, it cost about $50.00.
These are the pieces I made to insert into the cheapo purse. When I looked at the tutorials on other blogs, it seems like you pretty much had to come up with your own game plan, because of the uniqueness of the purse you choose. I opted not to do side padding, because this purse angles slightly, and I couldn't make it work. Instead the two larger pieces curve perfectly to create protection on the sides. The shoulder strap that came with the purse was a bit narrow and flimsy, so I used another strap we had lying around with a padded shoulder.

That's my Sunday project. Perfect for the very odd and cold rainy days we have been having here!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. us too with the weather...what's up with all this rain? perfect camera bag!

  2. I AM GOING TO DO THIS!!! I'm thinking i need to find a summer bag...something colourful and fun! Great idea!!

  3. As a woman, and fellow camera-toting blogger, you just "gotta" combine the purse and the camera bag. There simply is no other way. Good for you for using your ingenuity to turn something stylish into something that does double duty. You did a great job with it. I hope your commenter, Leanne, let's everyone know, here on your blog, when she finishes her bag inspired by your project. I am in awe that you could do ALL that in one day, but then again I have seen your killer sewing skills up close and personal. Are things are going well, despite the weather, now that your house is getting back to "normal". Hope so. Carolina

  4. Very nice. Definitely better than carrying a bunch of bags and purses around.

  5. Great idea/terrific look. Cheaper than other on-line equivalents. Are you going to put it in your Etsy shop?

  6. Carolina, Thanks!
    Yes, things are finally getting back to normal, and things are being sewn up again :) I just put three items in the shop.
    I do hope that Leanne makes one up as well. She is pretty crafty, so we may see it soon.

    Anonymous: Thank you.
    No, this is a one off just for me. My Etsy shop is for all my little tiny clothes :)

  7. Looks great! Are yoiu able to use it as a purse at the same time or just for the camera?
    Mey be a dumb ???? but I got the idea that you just wanted one bag.


  8. Melinda,
    Off to the left, the wallet and my sunglass case is next to the camera. So yes, I plan to use it as a bag. It even has side pockets for my cell phone, and keys. It just looks like the camera is taking up all the space, but it isn't.

  9. it looks terrific and so cozy for your camera! love it!