June 1, 2011

Love this simple dinner

Cyrous brought these beautiful cherries from his family's tree the other day, and the minute I saw them I thought of making a clafoutis. I needed 700g of cherries, and when I placed them on my scale, it was exactly that amount!( click to enlarge photo, and you will see) It was meant to be :)
Traditionally you would NOT pit the cherries for this dessert, because when cooking, the pit gives off an almond flavor to the dessert. I opted to pit them though, because I just didn't feel like accidentally biting one, and chipping my tooth.
Very simple ingredients. Three eggs, 1 cup and 1/4 milk, a teaspoon vanilla extract, and a 1/3 cup sugar. Whisk the wet ingredients into 3/4 plus two tablespoon flour, and then pour it over the cherries.
It said to bake for 40 min. at 350 degrees, but I had to leave it in for close to 55min.
From the same cookbook, I made this warm potato salad, that is more of a meal than a side dish. We used this fancy tuna, roasted cherry tomatoes, small potatoes, and you are suppose to use haricot vert, but our Whole Foods had none, so instead I used asparagus. A nice vinaigrette is made with shallots, white wine vinegar, and grainy mustard. Toast some nice olive bread, and pour yourself a nice glass of rose.
A dusting of confectioners sugar and some vanilla yogurt for the clafoutis, and this is pretty much heaven!


  1. I really need to figure out how to show up at your house around dinner time. My heavens, this post had me drooling. And yes - I double clicked and you had exactly 700. It is to bad I couldn't just take my spoon and dip it into my laptop screen for a little taste. Wishing for a bite of your dessert, Carolina

  2. oh my. we had take out pizza. you're GOOD!! haha

  3. Yummy! Tell Cyrous if he has any extra fruit we will gladly take it off his hands! :)

  4. Mmmmm, sounds like a delicious dinner. I didn't know cherry pits gave off an almond flavor! Sounds intriguing, but I too would be afraid of biting a pit.

  5. oh yum ! the vanilla yoghurt must make such a delicious addition to the cherry clafoutis. I know about the pits tip, but I think it is very wise to save a dentist emergency appointment (although I read at Carolina's that you like your dentist & don't mind going !!)
    Tell me ... is it a French cooking book ? because this salad is a typical "niçoise" (not counting the aspargus switch)isn't it ?!

    ps : good job Cyrous !! :)

  6. Valerie, yes it is from a French cook book written by the author that wrote "Chocolat." I don't know if you ever saw the movie from the book, but the author is half French and half British. I think her name is Joanne Harris.

    Christine, I'll let him know if he has extra that he is trying to unload :)

  7. i don't blame you for pitting the cherries. the clafoutis looks delicious as does the potato salad. and, to me, not so simple at all.