May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial day weekend

Sorry to be gone so long, but I have a really good excuse! You see, Nicole and Pierre moved to London this past Saturday, and they have been staying with us for a week plus until their flight. They were suppose to fly out last Tuesday, but there was a missing document for their dog, so we had to turn around and go home, and reschedule the flight. While many phone calls were made to straighten out the situation, Dave came up with a plan for a bit of stress relief.
We went here to play petanque. Pierre had given Dave a nice box of petanque balls one Christmas, and we have never broken them out of the box, so off we went to the petanque field to give it a try.

The girls and I played for a bit, but the guys ended up playing more rounds.
Cyrous did pretty well............
Pierre had such concentration.
Since we were all together for only a few more dinners, Caitlin and Cyrous decided to make their favorite Indian recipe of "butter chicken."

Very yummy, and nice to have a few more gatherings together before Nicole and Pierre left.

I had hoped to get going on more Etsy listings etc., but having a full house is not an easy environment to do so, since I still have to photograph the items. This coming week will be lots of catching up to do around the house as well as Etsy stuff.
I hope everyone is having a very nice holiday weekend!


  1.! how fantastic is that!! yes, a very good excuse indeed. happy long weekend!

  2. I did not realize they were moving to London. How fun for them.
    I guess we know where your next trip is! :)

    Enjoy the holiday!


  3. How exciting for your girl and her mister (though I bet you had mixed emotions when they left) and you have a great reason to pop over for visits.

  4. @ Liz, most definitely I will be coming for a visit :)

  5. It looks like Cyrous and Pierre have magical telepathic powers...

  6. oops not telepathic.. telekinetic!

  7. London is is made for Nicole. What an adventure! Did the dog make it OK? I loved seeing the pictures of this post - your family does so many interesting things together. Now, you will just have to do some of them in London. What fun!. Carolina (Carol-"ee"-na)

  8. @ Carolina, Yes they made it, and the dog did real well on the plane. I imagine they are getting over jet lag and settling in about now. Pierre starts his job on the 1st.

  9. I've never hear of that game! Wow those pants are tight! lol

    Happy late Memorial Day amazing woman, xo

  10. oh they already have ? let me know if you need a cheer up phone call... i feel for you, friend.
    i hope they will enjoy themselves & their jobs there.
    Will you visit them next year ?
    how stressful about the little doggie & the papers. something this is so stupid it's not worth fighting !
    did you sew Caitlin's Liberty top ? I really like it ! Capel is beautiful in blue. I'm making two of them for L at the moment (during my yard sewing sessions !)

  11. Valerie:
    Yes they left last Saturday, and today was Pierre's first day of work, 6/1. I'm doing alright, I think having them stay with us for over a week really helped not make me that sad.
    That Liberty top that Caitlin is wearing was part of the collection that Liberty did for "Target." The top is actually a nighty, but she loves to wear it as a top with a little sweater over it.