July 28, 2011

New items in the shop

Two new items in the shop! First up, are these red polka dot bloomers. There is always something so cheerful about polka dots, don't you think? I think they would be so cute paired simply with a top or under a dress or skirt.

I decided to use buttons as a closure, instead of snaps. I think they are more interesting, and give them a bit of character
Bloomers are a size 2T as you can see.
Second item is this cute little top made of white cotton/linen, and decorative red and white ribbon accent. I had originally wanted to post this as a set, but the whites are not the same. If you don't mind it not being a perfect match, then I personally think they look adorable together.
It could also fit as a little dress for a 12 month or 18 month size, depending on the child of course. My daughters were such slim little things, that I could get away with doing things like that. It is however meant to be a little top in a size 2

Details of all my handy work. The inside is always finished in French seams.

I think I will be making maybe two more summer things, before fall items start making their way into the shop.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and hope to do other posts soon, if I end up doing something exciting :) Summer has turned me into a super sloth, how about you?


  1. Well, I swiped up that top immediately! It's so gorgeous, Elizabeth! I know my daughter will be on the small side (at least at first!), so I love the idea that she can wear it as a dress and grow into it. I'm excited to enjoy it for several years. Yay!

  2. Yay for Rebekka!!! Can't wait to "meet" their baby girl! How nice that your beautiful work will be going to such a sweet family! Hope you're having a good summer...we have been having the most perfect weather. The best summer in years...

  3. Ah! I want to be 2 again and wear it :)

  4. F-I-R-E. Yup. You are on FIRE !!! These could not be cuter, together OR apart. The details ... although I expect them from you, still always manage to surprise me. Fine work. Delicious. Carolina

  5. so cute both the top and the bloomers. i am so excited for rebekka and glad it went to a good home.

  6. Geez E, your details are just amazing!!!!

  7. I would love my daughter to wear that dress !!!!!! can you take us back in time ! this is one of my favorite of your collection. The red, white, elegant... is the beginning of a branding don't you think ?

    ps : I tried to post comments on the two above posts and I have a blank window opening everytime saying "address unknow error" !!

    but I was trying to say I love your new colors (very pleasing to the eye for your readers) & header... & wishing you well with your hip/anniversary. hugs