August 4, 2011

Inspiration for Fall

I love this magazine called "Milk," although I don't think it truly fits under the category of magazine, since it is so thick and book like. Anyway....I love it and all the inspiration it brings to me!
This venerable magazine, "Vogue Bambini," was the only inspiration magazine that I use to buy when my girls were little. It still has some great layouts and ideas. I buy only these two, since they give a very widespread view of what is out there in the land of beautiful children's clothing.
I have some fabrics to start my mini fall collection, and I'm excited to collect more soon. The top two are beautiful weight shirting fabrics, that are so soft and delicate in color, and two shades of velveteen. The white fabric is pinwale corduroy eyelet.
When I sat and thought about what I wanted to do for the fall, I came up with a rough idea of a theme. Then I thought about all the textures and colors. I kept thinking of folkloric kind of images and the colors that seem to go with it. Apart from the fabric shown here, there will be a lot of jewel tones and rich colors, with beautiful ribbons and velvets perhaps.
When I bought the above magazines, I started reading the trends for the fall, and guess what? They were exactly what I had come up with!! Every thing from the colors I wanted and the "folkloric" look. I guess I'm right in the groove of things :) Now I need to set out and find all the fabric. One that I did not show, that I have, is a Liberty of London fabric that I want to pair with a velveteen. I'll show it to you when I find the rest of the fabrics.

I had wanted to make two more summer items, but I think the season has past in most people's mind, so I decided to move on ahead with the fall look, and get working on it.

Summer seems to be passing by ever so quickly, and you can sure tell by all the back to school stuff in all the stores already. It use to be that school started in September, but now all the kids go back in August, and I feel sorry for the kids that are living in the hot regions that have to go back, when it still feels like summer outside.
Our summer has been that of very simple routines and mild weather( sorry for those that are roasting). Caitlin and I often laugh about the fact that the day goes by so fast, it feels as if we are getting ready for bed when we just got ready for the day!!! Oh well, those are the ebbs and flow of life I suppose.

Now I'm rambling, sorry folks. Hope everyone is enjoying what is left of summer.


  1. i love the fabrics you've chosen...

  2. Your clothing is all so beautiful, as well as beautifully made. I look forward to seeing your fall collection!

  3. i love your fabric choices and agree that summer seems to be flying! enjoy your weekend!

  4. Pinwale corduroy eyelet? I am swooning. Positively swooooning. I can't wait to see what you come up with. With your eye for style and attention to detail, it makes the summer ending look like a good deal. I, too, bought some Liberty of London on your recommendation of Thanks for the heads up on their sale. It has already arrived and I have been busy, busy rearranging the studio to facilitate making my way to the sewing machine. Thanks for inspiring me. Before I go, is MILK sold in the states? I haven't seen it, ok ... I haven't really looked. Love your fabric choices. Carolina

  5. Carolina,

    You can buy "Milk" in the States. I get it at this little hipster magazine store in Oakland, but I have also seen it at our Barnes and Nobel.