September 6, 2011

Ah September

 Doesn't September feel as if you just turned the page to a whole new chapter of your life? For some reason, spring into summer does not feel like this for me, perhaps it is because our spring is never truly a real spring, since it can get warm right away, and blend right into summer time. While September is still quite warm here, the light starts changing in the most delightful way. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that fall is truly magical. For me it is the beginning of fun things to cook and bake, and of course all the up coming
holidays! I just got this "Fine Cooking' magazine in the mail yesterday, and I couldn't believe the first of the Thanksgiving magazines are starting to arrive. If you haven't already seen the new Martha Halloween magazine, you must. The cover is pretty great, and there are some fun things in this issue for decor and parties. It gives me all sorts of fun ideas! I also got the new Marie Claire Idees in the mail. For some reason, the fall issue is never my favorite one. Sure there is plenty of eye candy, but there really isn't a good project in it to sink your teeth in, so to speak, I will wait impatiently for the Christmas issue, where there is always something fun to make or cook.

Shop wise, I have a really cute peasant top in a 3mo. size almost complete, and a pair of gray velveteen pants, also in a 3mo. size. They will be sold separately, but they do look cute together.

I've let blogging go to the way side this past season, but summer does that to me, so hopefully there will be more things to chat about and post.

Let the fun season begin!!!


  1. i love pulling out the flannel sheets and feather duvets! cranberry candles, chili and the stars appear earlier! i have some amazing lakeside sunsets to share...soon!

  2. I have my pumpkin spice candles ready for Autumn! I love Country Living's October/Halloween issue and of course I do love Martha!

    xo, Bonnie

  3. I just died when I saw the new Halloween Martha mag. And double died when I found out her costume was called "Moth-a". HAHAHAHA!

  4. I saw the Halloween magazine at the check out the other day- It makes me happy to see fall things out my window as well. When we lived in Florida it felt like fall was never going to arrive. I imagine the grey velveteen is to die for. Carolina

  5. It is a good time of year.
    Time to get the nesting feeling going.


  6. the food that you share with us always looks incredibly tasty so i look forward to more of that this holiday season! :)

  7. I did too (un-blog !)
    I'm not so convinced by the Fall MCI, I bought it but didn't buy the two last ones... I'm waiting for some various winter issues too, they tend to be the best or maybe it is the sense of coziness :)
    Your shop update makes me think my shop is empty right now, but I ran out of supplies and waiting for them ! happy Fall sales to you x
    For now I'm going to have a cup of tea with a cloud of milk and enjoy catching up with your blog news !

    oh ! you're on pinterest ?!