August 29, 2011

New in the shop

I just finished this little velveteen skirt today! The top that is shown with it is sold separately.
I think it would look cute with any little top under it, but I do especially like this little top with it.
I did a Hong Kong seam on the hem, to make sure there was no bulk. It has a three inch hem, so that it can be let down if needed.
There is also plenty of length in the straps to move the buttons as well.
I love how dense the gather is, so that it gives it nice body and fullness to it. Sounds like I'm describing a wine doesn't it?! Anyway, hope you go and check it out in the shop.

I'm excited for the fall items I have planned, stay tuned!


  1. Elizabeth that is super adorable, and such fine work and attention to every detail. Very, very nice! xo

  2. Oh, Elizabeth, this is one of your prettiest pieces. I love little girl clothes that span generations. You've captured classic!


  3. This is absolutely adorable. Little girl's clothes are just the sweetest.

  4. At every turn, Elizabeth, you impress me more. This dress, in velveteen, is screaming "Christmas Photograph Card". The little one who gets it will be able to use it for a long time since you were thoughtful enough to add growing room to the piece. I, too, am smitten with the generous gathers. I wish I lived in your work space. Carolina

  5. oh so pretty Elizabeth !!!
    If I had a little girl of this age, I'd buy it I'd buy it ! so sad time flies so quickly...