September 30, 2011

More fall items finally getting made

Last week I managed to get the yucky head cold that seems to have been circulating around. It was a strange one I must say, because it almost mimicked allergies. I managed to kick it in a week though, which helped me get this little jacket done.
I'm in the process of making a really cute orange skirt, that will look cute with this. This jacket is one of a kind, as most of my things are. The fabric is really nice Japanese medium weight cotton, and a bit pricey, so I think this is it for the print, not the jacket style though, as it is a classic, and I may make some more of these in other sizes, we shall see.
The Matryoshka dolls are so charming and ever a popular theme, but I especially love it in clothing.
I can see this little jacket paired with anything from overalls, to a skirt, to leggings. It has that nice weight to it, that will add warmth to a thin sweater or turtle neck shirt.

On another note, go check out my daughters blog "Fashion Forestry," where there is a very short video of Marios Schwab. Nicole makes a small appearance in it around the 1:36 mark. I promise it is short, and it is very well done, with nice music and a quick look at his work, and a bit about him as well.


  1. The fabric may be pricey, but boy is it special. I would love to see one of those colors pulled out in a pair of overalls. This is really cute, Elizabeth. I am off to find your daughter's blog. Carolina

  2. Wow that was fun!!! I loved the video. Somehow seeing Nicole, there, living out a dream, made me feel old and old-fahioned. I envy her. Carolina

  3. It made me feel happy to see her in it and with the designer himself.

    I feel I can live vicariously through her great adventure :)

  4. I feel like I am tagging along for the ride as well. I am glad you shared it. Carolina

  5. Oh, that is so sweet. You are very talented. Looks like your gorgeous girlie is having a whale of a time in the Big Smoke. Such an experience.

  6. Yes there was a photo of me there! funny actually. I had just put the blog up and immediately had regrets about that photo. I thought it made me look wide and old and wrinkled (i blame the distortion of the close up photo!! ?) Anyway, I think I actually decided to remove the photo before I realized that you had posted a comment. I then considered adding a more "attractive" self-portrait, but couldn't figure out how to do it without losing the text and messing up the whole entry!!
    So, no worries...I always love it when you write xo
    Hope you're well. I just adore the beautiful clothing you're creating...keep up the good work.
    Isn't this HSP stuff interesting? I am having the most profound revelations!
    Keep might learn more about yourself. I know I will!

  7. Oh Elizabeth, that's lovely! Can't wait to see what you have in store for Olive!
    I'm off to look at that video--how exciting.

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