October 5, 2011

Number 49

Yesterday was my birthday, and it wouldn't be my birthday if we didn't go here for dinner! We go every year, and it is so fun to look back on the older menus from years past. I keep all of them because they really are neat works of art.
This one is pretty neat I think.

I always sneak a picture of the chefs cooking away.
This year is bittersweet, since Nicole and Pierre were not here with us this year, and Cyrous had to work, so could not attend either. :( I did however have these two lovely people with me :) Can you see David in the copper refection?
Three bean salad with pickled chanterelles and crispy bacon
Provençal fish soup with roasted tomato and rouille
Grilled BN Ranch grass-fed Bolinas beef rib eye with herb butter, fried potatoes, and long cooked yellow wax beans

I made my wish!
Buckwheat crêpes with quince, figs and anise ice cream
Truffles and nougat. Food is always so good, and always feels special to come for my birthday. It was a rainy coolish day, so it was extra cozy at Chez Panisse! Now for all the birthday loot......
My dear husband must have seen my post I did on Facebook a while back on this beautiful tank top called "Gossamer," I had joked that I should have it, given the name. I was so surprised when I opened it. It is from Anthropologie, just in case you like it as much as I do.
He went for a red theme this year, and the next red lovely is this very handy little purse to tote my phone and ear buds, when I go to the gym. Now everything is neatly consolidated.
This brought such a smile to my face, because as a little girl, I LOVED crayons (I still do). This reminded me of that big box you would get in grade school every September.
The neat thing about this crayon, is that it is a pen! I love the weight of it, and boy does it write like a dream. He got it here.
Caitlin and Cyrous went for a black, purple fall theme with my goodies. Another cool birthday card that Caitlin made me.
and very appropriate for yesterday and today, a nifty new umbrella.
The little tea towels are from my mother in law, aren't they cute?! The little owl though is from Caitlin and Cyrous.

I guess I really don't have any profound thoughts on turning 49, I really never think about age that much. I also have never cared about hiding my age, I'm just happy that I made it another year. Perhaps this may change next year when I turn the big 50!!! I hope not :)


  1. Happy Birthday, dear Elizabeth. I too missed seeing the whole family together! (I do so enjoy keeping up with Nicole on her blog). The food looks divine, and so do your gifts. You, lady, are very very loved.


  2. HaPpY BiRtHdAy to my bbf (best bloggy friend) :)
    we do colour themed gifts too!! Your sweet family sure does a wonderful job of taking care of the mama on her special day...xo

  3. your birthday celebration looks wonderful, but then it always does. happy birthday to you. love the red!

  4. Many happy returns. Looks like you celebrated well.

  5. Happy belated birthday! This is such a lovely post. x hivenn

  6. Happy Birthday! Wow, that food looks amazingly delicious!! I hope this year is your best one yet! xo!

  7. I would like to wish you the BIGGEST TENNESSEE BIRTHDAY HUG I can squeeze via the internet. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth. I think you made out like a bandit with all the wonderful gifts and I am over the top jealous about a yearly birthday event at Chez Panisse. I think keeping the menus is and awesome idea. I want to go there and start collecting menus. Although it is still morning, here, my mouth instantly began to water when I saw all the food pictures. I know that it was hard without Nicole, Pierre, & Cyrous ... but ... Chez Panisse? I am sure dining there helped soften the blow of them not being able to share your day with you. Wishing Chez Panisse was in my birthday future ... Carolina

  8. What a wonderful birthday meal! Happy belated. I love your attitude about age!

  9. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a fabulous, and delicious day.

  10. happy belated birthday- LOVE that you go to chez panisse every year. my husband and i would love to go someday in our lives! thanks for sharing it with us.