October 19, 2011

Bits and Pieces of October

Hi guys, I didn't mean to disappear there for quite so long. I have been working on an outfit for a darling little girl by the name of Olive. I will let you know more about this collaboration when Olive receives the package. This may take a few days, as it is going all the way to Scotland. I'm excited about this collaboration with this blogger, and I hope the outfit I made her daughter fits and suits her. While constructing said little outfit, I have been enjoying the very beautiful fall season here in the Bay Area! I put out my little Halloween decorations.......................
and purchased our pumpkins. Last year we were so lame, and let too much time slip by, that our pumpkins went un-carved!! Not this year!! We are determined to do something fun with them. I snatched three big ones, and we will have a carving night for sure this year.
With this season, it is time to bring out my purple Le Creuset pot, and make some yummy stews. For years, I would make a stew that was similar to my moms, in how she executed it and ingredients she used. Last year I decided to follow a Jamie Oliver recipe from one of his cookbooks, and I loved how much more simpler it was than the one I made. I love all the ingredients, of butternut squash and parsnips, combined with
lots of fresh sage in this recipe.
It starts out on the stove top, but he really isn't keen on searing the meat, like I have been doing for most of my cooking life. Turns out, that is just fine, and still comes out the same.
The layering of potatoes on top, I stole from one of Jamie's magazine recipes. You par boil them for 5 min., cool them, then cut them up to layer on top of the stew that has been simmering away for a few hours. I put them on at the last 40 min. of cooking.
I, like a lot of fellow bloggers, think this is the very best time to be cooking up magic in the kitchen. I've got lots of ideas swirling for weekend cooking fun and baking....If you aren't too bored of my cooking I'll share them as I make them!

I will be starting on a few little things for the shop that are more gift orientated and I'm excited to start on that project, and will hopefully get more garments in there. Time keeps speeding on by, and I can't quite keep up with all the ideas I have!!
I promise I won't stay away too long this time.


  1. it's good to be busy...it's stew weather here for sure. so far we've had a steady week of rain and i am feeling a strong desire to sit in the sunshine. i should start a project...

  2. As I have seen just how adorable your work is EVERY single time you make an outfit, I am sure it will be absolutely cute-as-can-be on little Olive. Speaking about the name, Olive, why don't we use that name more often on this side of the pond? It is so beautiful and perfect in it's simplicity and directness. Hoping the package arrives in Scotland quickly and safely. Carolina

  3. I love that you have your Halloween decorations up and out! They look great! And how is it that stopping by your blog always makes me hungry? Those pots look delicious!

  4. Sounds yummy! That Jamie can cook.

    Happy belated birthday! Looks and sounds like you had a great time.

    I will be the same age come November.

    Have a super weekend.