October 25, 2011

I just had to show you this

I'm not by any stretch of the imagination, a doll collector, but when I saw this little cutie at a local thrift shop, I had to take her home. I probably paid too much but since the thrift shop is for the hospice, I don't feel to badly about shelling out $20.00 dollars for her. There was something about her little face that spoke to me.
If there are any collectors out there who may know anything about this type of doll, please leave me a message. The only tag in it, says that it was made in the Soviet Union. The lace looks quite old. The buttons are shell, and the fabrics are really nice. Both the vest and skirt are made of cotton sateen. The shoes are really cute too, though not made of leather, the fabric really looks like it.
As I took it home, I started to wonder about its story. There seems to be a large population of Russian people in our town, so perhaps it came with a family when they emigrated here, I'll never know, but it is fun to think up stories on how she did make it here. I have a couple of old toys in my work space that she now sits with. The inner little girl in me is very happy to have found her.


  1. She looks very happy to be in her new home. Hopefully you can find out more about her. Really cool doll.


  2. What a sweet little treasure! I bet she's happy to have a new home with you! :)

  3. She is charming. :-) I love the way the back of her vest is pleated like that.

  4. You are so right. You, the Russian doll, and me, the French tomes. Sometimes we gals just gotta listen to those inner voices. From one inner girl to another . . . great find.


  5. Im pretty sure she is from the lenci doll family