November 22, 2011

Just popping in to say hi

Hi fellow bloggers, as everyone is probably very busy getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, I hope there is happiness in preparing your feast, and great anticipation for visiting and spending time with your loved ones. We will be having friends over to spend the day with us, and I look forward to cooking and the company!
I went out for a little walk in my back yard, and noticed that the persimmons were ready to pick! They are so beautiful to me, in color and shape. Their brighter orange counter parts are also very lovely, especially when all the leaves drop, and all you see is the dangling fruit, making them appear to be ornaments. This is a fuyu persimmon.
I always love when the blanket of moss starts forming, it always reminds me of the softest emerald green velveteen.
Oh, who is this fall beauty? Caitlin is having a promotion for "Shabby Apple," over at her blog, go check it out. There are some darling dresses on their site. I think it is a perfect dress for Thanksgiving with its pretty fall colors.

Pictures of the feast will follow as usual! I hope everyone has a very, very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Persimmon cookies are my favorite holiday treat. They're so hard to find around here...not many people have trees. Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving!

  2. Don't know much about persimmons.
    Your daughter looks lovely.
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.


  3. how lucky are you to have persimmons and blanket moss right in your own backyard? have a wonderful holiday and looking forward to your photos of the incredible feast you always make! caitlin looks so pretty and i love her shoes!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Elizabeth! I don't get to cook this year so I really look forward to enjoying your forthcoming cooking post.
    Caitlin looks darling as usual btw. Her hair is so long now, reminds me of the photo you once showed us of you and your future hubby sitting on a rock at the beach!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Cece (aka Christina Vandoren)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Elizabeth!! I hope you all have a wonderful day. (And as usual, I am looking forward to your wonderful pictures!!) xoxo~m.