November 25, 2011


Hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving. This year I decided to bring out the china, instead of the more casual Thanksgiving I did last year. My dishes are peachy, sage and gold. I always thought they worked pretty well with Thanksgiving colors. Sometimes though, it is real hard to find the more delicate flowers to match them. This year I hunted high and low for flowers that I had in mind, with no luck. The above was the best I could find this year. Has anyone else out there tried to find more toned down color palate for Thanksgiving? I kept seeing over the top fall colors that were way too bright for what I wanted. Oh well, I guess it turned out alright in the end.
I used a little bit of nature for the place card holders. Remember the persimmons that I picked the other day? :) They were a perfect color I thought.

Time to start making the stuffing ...............
This is my very favorite stuffing mix!! I always get greedy and buy two bags to make more later, I love it that much!
Potatoes hanging out in the hot tub, waiting to be cooked up and mashed...
My little kitchen helper, snapping beans for me.
Some treats before dinner, with some champagne. I didn't take a picture of my turkey, because I had a slight malfunction. I relied on a probe that we bought, that read the temperature as ready, and in fact it was not. Luckily the breast meat was done, and juicy, so I put the rest back in the oven. This is the second year that this has happened to me, and there are some things that I will be doing next year, so this doesn't happen again!
On the menu this year, was the traditional with little flavor twists. I'm most proud of the sweet potatoes. I used a mexican sugar called piloncillo. The recipe is from a cook book, from my favorite Mexican restaurant, that I have blogged on here about (Doña Tomas). Every time they serve this at the restaurant, we are all in heaven. I decided to make these and everyone loved them. The green beans, had caramelized shallots, crispy prosciutto, toasted almonds, lemon zest. Homemade cranberry relish is always a must, I love it so much. Yummy stuffing, and the good old mashed potatoes enriched with cream, butter, and milk.

The young lovely ladies
New friends and old ones....Make for a very nice evening .
Our guests brought this beautiful pear tart....
Of course there had to be pumpkin pie as well, and like all my Thanksgiving posts, this is where we end for the night.

I hope everyone had a lovely day with their friends and family.


  1. Looks like a fun and festive day for you and your family.
    I love the roses, they go very well with your china!


  2. The table...the food...the dessert...all of it was beautiful!

  3. Elizabeth, I adore your entertaining style. From the food to the table, everything is lovely and dressed in love.

    Where do you get the stuffing? I love that the cubes look bigger than most. And what do you add to it?


  4. everything looks beautiful as always and the soft colors are lovely. the mexican sugar sounds good, i'll look for it.

  5. Sorry I have been MIA. Your Thanksgiving looks lovely, though I miss seeing Nicole in the pics. The persimmon idea is genius. I think you need to carry a persimmon with you next year on your hunt for non-garish Thanksgiving colors. I, too, have tired of the bright Thanksgiving colors. We had pretty good luck with our turkey - I followed James Peterson's "Cooking" book advice. If money grew on trees, I would love to take cooking classes from him at the French Culinary Institute in NY. Your meal- elegant. Really, Elizabeth, you and I could eat together for the rest of our lives and we would both be happy. Maybe I will muster up some time tomorrow or Friday and post about our Thanksgiving. Carolina

  6. Beautiful table and wonderful sounding food!

  7. Ahhh, your family/holiday dinner posts are the BEST! Looks like this year's Thanksgiving feast was no exception. I love the leafy crust on the pumpkin pie. I've never seen that before - what a beautiful detail!

  8. gorgeous as always. i really love the soft colors; i think it worked out nicely even though you could not find exactly what you were looking for.