December 19, 2011

December Birthday

Someone had a birthday this past Saturday. June use to be the month in our family that was chock full of birthdays and other celebrations. I use to cringe at the thought of June coming, but now it is the month of December. Between family and friends there are 8 or 9 birthdays this month! Cyrous turned 24 this past Saturday, and we decided to have a dinner birthday party for him. First though, there has to be some present opening. Caitlin bought him a beer making kit. Looks like that could be a fun project for him.

Caitlin made him a carrot cake from this book. It had a few ingredients in it that you would not expect, which made it fun, like a tablespoon of cocoa powder, and no nuts what so ever. The frosting was also not traditional, it had melted white chocolate along with cream cheese and sour cream. Pretty good I must say!
This is one of Cyrous' favorite dinners, chicken with fennel and olives. I blogged about it before, so it may look familiar. It was a super good batch, and the chicken was so moist!
A little winter salad, with Cara Cara oranges and arugula.
Joint candle lighting effort. Not pictured and standing next to me were his parents. I wish I had snapped a photo of them with the birthday boy.
Happy Birthday Cyrous


  1. It looks like I'm going to be able to comment on your post today. I keep trying from time to time but my computer totally locks up and I have to restart it.

    Happy (slightly belated) birthday to Cyrous. I love the cake and his entree looks delicious. I'm not familiar with the recipe--maybe you posted before we "met".

    Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year!


  2. Good times for all, especially the birhtday guy!.
    Happy Birthday!


  3. Elizabeth,

    You make entertaining so loving. What a gift (and one that is obviously appreciated by your beautiful family!).

    Merry Christmas, friend!


  4. It really is too bad one can not yet taste things via the internet: that cake looks like it would melt in my mouth. I understand that Disney just developed the technology for one to be able to actually feel texture on the your computer screen. That would be a crazy thing to experience, don't you think? Happy Birthday to Cyrous. Thanks or sharing your celebration with us. Carolina

  5. What fun. It sounds like He had a good time. Happy Birthday Cyrous