December 12, 2011

Christmas in San Francisco

Part of the holiday season for us is to take a walk through the city at some point, and this weekend was it. We needed to go in to get a gift that could only be found there, so what a great excuse to go, and then get to see all the pretty decorations, that only the city can do. Most of the photos were taken on Union Square, so I could bring a little bit of home to Nicole and Pierre. They use to live two blocks from here, and I thought they might like to see their old neighborhood.
It is always so much fun to see the ice skaters, and hear holiday music being played in some form or another. Yesterday, there was a choir out on the square that sounded so lovely. I love seeing all the children with cups of hot chocolate and rosy cheeks from skating, and the big smiles on their faces.

This picture is for Carolina, she will know why :)
I never get tired of seeing this giant tree in the Neiman Marcus store.
We walked over to the San Francisco Centre to see what was happening over there. I love the restored dome, and I just had to see how they decorated it. I guess they were having a light show up there later, but when I took this, the snow flakes were moving.
There were little back drops to take photos, and I couldn't resist taking one of Caitlin in front of one. As we walked away, two workers asked us if we were taking photos. I thought we were in trouble, because we were suppose to pay, and I quickly said, "Oh, no we were just looking." As we guiltily walked away, one of the girls said, "you can take as many photos as you want, it is free." So funny because they kinda looked at us like we were odd balls.
We took a stroll through Bloomingdales. I had heard that they now have a Nespresso bar there, and you can buy your coffee pods from them. Normally you have to order them and ship them to your home. This is exciting because now if I'm in the city, I can pick some up instead of waiting for them to arrive. I really like that company and their products.
OK, enough about the coffee. Look at these cute nutcrackers!
Oh, and wouldn't you want something from here under your tree?!

Now that I got my fix of city lights, it back to work in the shop, and last minute Christmas details at home. Always so much to do, and not enough time!


  1. Oohhh!!! My son is on a basketball trip over in San Francisco at the moment. Hope he gets to see all these glorious sites. Watch out for a group of teenagers in matching blue tracksuits - actually looks like a group of Smurf's (but don't tell them I said that).
    Merry Christmas from Down Under!!!

  2. Gosh do I know that feeling!
    The city is beautiful. It is always fun to see what other cities do for the holidays.


  3. Thank you for those pictures, I love seeing how other cities decorate. I think I'd love S.F.

  4. Oh, what wonderful photographs! It looks awfully chilly tho!

    xo, Bonnie

  5. Beautiful Christmas lights! Thank you for sharing! I love those ginormous trees!

  6. this is the one time of year i wish i lived in {or closer to} the city! beautiful!

  7. I loved getting a trip to San Fran. in this post - especially the "Believe" photo. I can imagine you clicking your camera and thinking "that one is for Carolina." I miss the big cities at Christmas time. They have such a buzz to them. I am sure your photos brought back memories for Nicole. I like how you post about your life, not just your projects. Carolina

  8. thank you for taking the time to show us the holidays in your neck of the woods! looks wonderful!

  9. It all looks very festive. How great that Nicole gets to experience Christmas in London and France.