December 7, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Sometimes when we put up the tree, I feel like leaving it like this! It is so beautiful in it's simplicity, but of course we can't leave it all bare with no Christmas cheer on it.
This is the hardest part. I don't know about you guys, but putting on the lights is kinda stressful and a true work out, especially when you have the tree in a corner like we do.
Ta da all done!

Caitlin put little Pinocchio on a chair ornament. Pretty cute huh?!
This little ornament was Nicole's, for her first Christmas. Believe it or not, we bought it at Restoration Hardware, when RH was a charming little store in Eureka Ca. Not the fright show that it is now. This made me a bit sad, since Nicole and Pierre will not be coming home for Christmas. On the happy side of this, they will get to spend it with Pierre's family in France this year.
This is Caitlin's ornament, that she chose when she was very little. It has a large crystal hanging from the bottom, I'm sure that was the biggest appeal when she chose it :)

Do you have a star or an angel on your tree, or something all together different? This star was our tree topper when when we lived in France, so it has special memories for us.

The season has begun in ernest and I'm trying to get ahead. I'm working on a special order, for the shop and trying to get some more clothing pieces in there as well, I'm having a devil of a time getting anything done though.
Hope everyone is getting into the spirit of the season, and enjoying it as much as possible.


  1. I cherish the memories that all of our Christmas decorations bring to mind. Isn't it hard to believe how fast time goes by? As I pull out the homemade ornaments from Olivia's preschool years, from 14 years ago...I just can't believe it. Our tree topper is a dove that was my grandmother's...putting it on top of the tree is my favorite part of decorating!

  2. This year our tree topper is one of those pointy things - I have absolutely no idea what it is called. When we lived on the boat we made a "tree" that was suspended from a handhold in the ceiling so the whole thing could sway when the boat would rock. There was no way to put a star on top so we jerry rigged onto the "tree" a dried out starfish we had found on the beach. We used to hang the tree in our house in Florida. This year though it is staying in a box as I have way too much on my plate as it is. I think the part of adding the lights is a workout above all workouts too. I did it this year, again, and there were moments were I was stepping on the very tippity top of the 13' foot ladder and still couldn't quite make it. I believe my right side is permanently stretched out longer than my left.

  3. your tree looks wonderful and is adorned with the most lovely ornaments. i agree about the lights and you can throw in the garland, too. enjoy your weekend!

  4. We worked on the Christmas decor and the tree this weekend.

    We have a small pre-lit tinsel tree at this time and I have a large bow with long "tails on it."
    Post coming soon.

    Have a great one.


  5. Your tree looks splendid. We have a fairy for the top of our tree. She's called Gillian! Not sure when she'll be put in place, though, as we haven't even thought about buying the tree!