December 28, 2011

Highlights of 2011

This is how our year usually begins. The annual calendar sale, followed by brunch. But first a few thoughts about this year.

If someone were to ask me how my year went, my first reaction would be, this is not the best year for our family. I decided I don't want to get into why, because I would like to keep family matters private. Nothing horrific, or anything like that, but some tough times like most Americans these days I suppose. So, I could easily be angry with this year, but when I started putting the post together and finding pictures for each month, I began to notice that life went, and still goes on. We all have tried to make the very best of it, and if a stranger were to look at my photos, they would never guess that it was not such a great year. I'm really praying, harder than I think I have ever prayed, that is year will be a lot nicer to us.

This post is more for my memory and and summary of the year in the life of the Mackey family, so if you don't want to go through it, I can completely understand.
Here it is in all it's glory!!!


I would have to say the highlight of February would have to be meeting my pen pal of 30 years for the first time!
Caitlin's 21st birthday

Trip to the grand canyon, and below, my first Etsy sale!

Mothers day, and below, the last gathering with Nicole and Pierre, before they moved to London.
U2 concert.....FUN!!
The very next day after the concert, we hopped on a plane to visit my dad and stepmother in Chicago. Below: David's birthday.
In July, it seemed like we were lucky enough to sample some great food like the goodies pictured above. I think the restaurants in the summer, in our area, showcase their talents the best! Below: Friend of ours, son got married.


I changed my banner after three years! Below: See what I mean about food here in the summer :) Chiles rellenos at Dona Tomas.
Sunflowers always remind me of September. Below: My dad and stepmother came out for a visit, and we all met up at my sisters. My nephew is singing for us!
My birthday

Thanksgiving with friends and family
Christmas of course.

What is in store for our family, I do not know, but like I said at the beginning of this post, I hope better things. It is always a bit ominous to start a new year, but I guess that is how life is in general.

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Best Wishes for a great 2012!
    Good Luck.


  2. it's been such a pleasure to check in with gossamer wings throughout 2011. reflection is always interesting, and as i look back on the year i realize things were tougher then i let on...especially to myself. here's to a fantastic 2012 my dear blogging friend! cheers! {and your recap reminded me...i don't know if we ever talked about the u2 concert afterward? best. concert. of. my. life. without a doubt.} :)

  3. I love this, Elizabeth! And this is a big reason why I love blogging so much. Even when you feel like things are falling apart, it's nice to go back through what you have catalogued and archived, and remember to be grateful for all the really, really sweet parts :)


  4. I loved your summary in photos as, for strange blog-related issues, I was unable to see some of them through the year.

    Very best wishes to you for the new year (and lots more meals at Dona Tomas)!


  5. Lovely blog! Isn't that first Etsy sale exciting!! :)

  6. Hi Elizabeth!

    Long time no comment right? My apologies for that. Hope 2012 is happy for you and yours. Your holiday table is as beautiful as ever. Sending warmth your way!


  7. Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2012.

  8. your year's summary does look full of goodness and i hope you have nothing short of that in 2012. wishing you a very happy new year, elizabeth!

  9. Here is what I think, Elizabeth. First and foremost, I am here, at your blog, because you have manged to become such a real, important, part of my life that I check in with your blog, and your life, ups and downs, on a regular basis. That is no small feat. Really. How can it be that you and I manage to connect so well and yet we have never met? It is all possible because of the extraordinary efforts you have continuously put forth for us. I, too, have had a tough year, rather a tough few years, and have had my fair share of moments whereby the state of this economy has just about broken me. "Just about", though, is not "broken", and I, like you, am going to continue hanging on. Like you, I will continue to put forth the effort in recording and sharing the little moments in life that are keeping me afloat because that is truly the only source of buoyancy we can depend on in tough times. I am here, like you and for you. On top of this mountain, in the middle of nowhere, you have a friend. Let's just keep going like we have been and welcome in 2013, next year, knowing that in 2012 all the great things in our lives did not go unnoticed. We did it this year, Elizabeth, and we really did it quite well. Happy New Year to you and all of your family. Carolina

  10. i wish your year ahead to be filled with many, many more good times than bad...2012 just sounds good and fresh doesn't it? don't look back unless it makes you smile xo

  11. No hint of the not-so-good moments here . Your eye for detail and your lovely photographs are wonderfully cheering , this rain-lashed January morning !
    May 2012 be a good year for us all !!

  12. Happy New Year Elizabeth!

    My resolution is to be a better blogger :)