January 6, 2012

Getting things back in order

Just popping in to say hi. I'm slowly getting the house back in order, after a long lazy holiday season. The huge pile of laundry is now being done, dusting, and general spiffing up is on the menu for today.

For Christmas, Caitlin and Cyrous gave me this puzzle, and it has now taken over the kitchen table, for who knows how long, since it is a 2000 piece endeavor! I love puzzles, but I don't know how much time I will be able to devote to this. Most of the completed areas you see above were done by Cyrous and Caitlin. My contribution is in the upper right. It is a very difficult section, so I think I may move to easier areas and come back to that part later. I love this painting, so it is a special treat to do a puzzle of it!

An update on my shop: I will be making a size two black velveteen dress with really pretty vintage ribbon, and other pretty details. I had hoped to make way more items for the winter, but too many life things kept getting in the way. This dress will be the last one that will overtly be for winter. Perhaps if you or someone else wants to get it for next year, or you have a special event coming soon, it would be perfect. I already cut it out, so it will be the first thing I start on this coming Monday. I have a lot of fun ideas that I'm going to try and get working on, so look for that soon.

Here we go 2012, kicking and screaming ahead!


  1. Happy New Year! Praying that this one will be a better one for you.
    (I love doing puzzles too...but once I start, I can't stop until it's completed)

  2. Getting the house to the way it was before the inevitable "Christmas war zone" is quite a task, isn't it? I love Christmas, but a part of me looks forward to reclaiming the order in my home. My brain wants to go into declutter mode. I mean D-clutter on steroids. Everything I own appears to be more "extra" than before the Christmas holiday. I vow to become a Buddhist, or at least a minimalist every year. Such a contrast to me singing all the Christmas carols in my car before even Thanksgiving arrives. You get the picture. Good luck on the puzzle. I like it when puzzles are of paintings; while I am doing them I feel like I am discovering the painting piece by piece. Carolina

  3. Sounds like you have some great plans in the offing.
    We are still trying to get back into a routine--someday.
    Good luck with the puzzle.
    come by Dreaming--have missed seeing you.