March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I took this photo last year when I went for a walk here Very magical place, where you could easily imagine little woodland fairies hiding in every corner. I don't see any four leaf clovers in this picture, but I'm sure if you wandered the woods here, you would eventually find at least one :)
Are you Irish? I don't believe I have a lick of Irish blood in me, but my husband does, so we celebrate it a wee bit here at our house, with American Irish food. Most people that actually live in Ireland, have no idea why we eat corned beef and cabbage on this day. I believe it comes from the immigrants that lived in New York. I may be wrong, so do correct me if I am. One Irish person told me once, that they kinda eat what they like on this day, but normally it would something more along the lines of lamb stew or leg of lamb. I'm no expert, but since we are American, and I love corned beef, that is what we will be eating. I will also be swing by here , to pick up some of their St. Patrick's day cupcakes. The flavor they are making today is Bailey's Irish cream!

Have you traveled to Ireland? I wish I had gone, when we were living in Europe, but couldn't fit it in.
If you are Irish, tell me how you celebrate.

Have a fun day one way or another!


  1. You are so fortunate to have lived in Paris. Those clovers are lovely. I have been to Ireland and it is obvious why it is called the Emerald Isle.

  2. Happy St. Patricks day! :) I'm not Irish nor have traveled to Ireland, but I have enjoyed my share of green milk! :)

  3. I've only visited Ireland once and that was as a child. All I remember about the holiday is that I fell down the stairs in the hotel and knocked myself out!

  4. un arc en ciel dans le lavaboApril 6, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    i'm not irish at all but i live one hour by plane from southrrn ireland as you know... i especially love Connemara and i find the irish people very pleasant & welcoming to other celt people like Bretons like me. i would love to go again.