March 8, 2012

Hello March!

March just snuck up on me, and I noticed that my last post was on Feb. 29th! I've been working on getting more items in the shop, and finishing up a special order, which is pictured above. I just shipped it out yesterday, and I sure hope the little girl it is intended for likes it, as well as her mom. The customer fell in love with the Heidi dress, and hoped that I could make her daughter one similar, but in a size 5/6. I had hoped to find similar fabric to the one in the shop , but boy is it hard to find lighter weight cotton for garments out there! There are such beautiful designer fabrics out there, but most only come in quilt weight, and not the feel I'm looking for. I do love how artists like Anna Maria Horner has all kinds, like voile, velveteen etc. I wish other designers would do this.

I've got three baby items almost ready for the shop, and oh so many more little dresses, that I plan to make out of that beautiful Liberty fabric. I also found some beautiful Marc Jacobs eyelet fabric, I have some ideas for.

Anyway, just thought I'd say happy March, and that I'm still over here alive, just working on a few things that have taken me away from the blog. I'm really looking forward to Spring, and all things Easter, how about you?


  1. That dress turned out PERFECT. I don't want to sound cutesy, but it is DARLING. I know what you mean about the quilting fabrics; they seem to have a "dead weight" to them. I keep "threatening" to make a trip to New York just to go fashion fabric shopping. I would like to find poplin, to me it is a crispy kind of cotton. I would like it with and without a tiny bit of Lycra in it for stretch - and I want it in a floral. The other thing I would like to shop for is a myriad of linens, all different colors and weights. Your dress is spectacular... You obviously picked the right creative option for a business because EVERYTIME you produce an outfit, it has that Elizabeth factor - classic, memory making, and darling on steroids!
    I am impressed. Again.

  2. The dress is darling. I feel the same way wishing designers would produce more then quilting weights.
    Happy almost spring!

  3. i. am. so. excited! i just found out...about four hours ago to be exact...that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are having a little girl! i'm pretty sure i know of an etsy shop that has some absolutely BEAUTIFUL clothing for little girls. :)

  4. How ADORABLE is this darling dress? Elizabeth, your talent takes my breath away. Eye-candy!!! ((hugs)) ~m

  5. I am quite impressed with your sewing ability-this is from the girl that almost failed home ec-I could not sew but did learn how to cook-I wonder if they still teach sewing?

  6. Happy March! Love that little darling dress! So sweet and perfect for springtime!