April 29, 2012

Coldplay fun!

 Friday we high tailed it with Caitlin and Cyrous to San Jose to see Coldplay at the HP Pavilion. Their concerts are always so colorful and full of fun interactive surprises. The first two photos I lifted off the net, since I didn't have a good camera with me, and I wanted you guys to see the fun confetti that was shooting out all over the place. We were pretty high up in the stands, but this is such a great venue, that they had huge monitors so you can see everything, even though they are the size of ants if you were to see them where we were seated.  Maybe Coldplay brought these monitors as part of their concert, I"m not sure, but they were wonderful to have.
 Chris Martin was really having fun at our concert, just like the photo above.  There were beach balls coming down from the ceiling and more and more confetti. The most delightful visual was this though....
 What is this you ask? We were given these bracelets  while we had dinner at the Pavilion, and the person said that they were part of the show, and to wear them through out.
 These next photos are from my iphone, so they aren't fantastic, but can you see all the pretty small
 Christmas looking lights in the audience? They some how activated everyones bracelet at certain times of the concert, and it was so pretty to see all of the twinkling lights! Well done Coldplay!
Another thing Chris Martin and the band seems to like to do, is to surprise the audience by some how going to the back of the arena and mingle with the poor people, like us that aren't close to the stage. The above picture is of them doing just that, after they turned out the lights and said good night. Well, you know they aren't really leaving.....They popped up back here and the lights flipped on to reveal the band on one of the staircase landings. Lots of fun, and I remember they did this at the last concert, and we were super lucky that time, because they were next to us!

So much fun, and full of life with super cool visuals, what more could you want?!
Next Friday we are going to see another concert. You will have to come back then to see who it is :)

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend!


  1. I haven't been to a concert in ages, eons...
    This looks like a lot of fun

  2. What a fun concert--those bracelets are so cool.

    Haven't seen them before.


  3. Sounds like you all had a great time. We're going to see the Civil Wars in concert later in the year. Can't wait.

  4. I want one of those bracelets! I love it when performers include the audience. We went to All For The Haul, a concert to benefit the Country Music Hall of Fame - it is four solid hours of top notch acts performing with Keith Urban at the helm - it really is unbelievable to see such an extensive show put on and all the money goes to a good place. If you ever get to see Keith Urban in concert, make sure you go. We have also seen him on his own tour- beyond awesome. We try to take our girls to as many concerts and events as possible. It makes for great family time together. I am glad you shared your event, it brings back memories of great concerts we have been to.

  5. you lucky !
    boohoo ! I tried but big concerts like this get sold in one hour over here and unless you manage to know ong time in advance when tickets will be for sale, you always miss the deal :( I tried for David Guetta too(I'm told to be a hype mom !!) but same thing !