April 6, 2012

Easter flowers

 I went out yesterday and gathered all the pretty flowers I could for my Easter table, aren't the colors amazing?! I'm not having a huge inspiration for any theme this year for the arrangement, so I may just let the flowers speak for themselves in a simple way.
 I think I will be able to make some pretty arrangement with all these beauties. I do, however think I need some fillers, and maybe a bigger faced flower. I haven't decided yet.
 I got super excited when I saw these sweet peas. Last year I didn't see these at our Whole Foods at Easter time.
 I  really have been dragging my behind this year on getting anything out as far as decorations, and I usually make something crafty for the day, but not this year. I better get going on the festive feel though, as we are having some friends over for Easter dinner. I'm making a very similar dinner as years past, so I'm not trying any new recipes this year. I just love the leg of lamb recipe I found a couple of years back in "Fine Cooking," so I'll be making that, along with the cheese cake that everyone seems to love.
Mr Easter rabbit is dreaming of going to Paris I think :) Nicole gave me this rabbit a few years back, and I LOVE it. I put a silk ribbon on him to make him extra pretty. It is made of some kind of paper or cardboard, and the little head comes off. He has the loveliest of details on him don't you think?

Hope everyone has a beautiful Easter Sunday! Happy, Spring Happy Easter!


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS! We don't get ranuncluses (ranunculi?) very often here in Nashville. I have flower envy!!!

  2. Those are gorgeous flowers...the best I can find here are tulips. Seriously...I am meant to live on the west coast. Love your Eifel tower. I have quite a collection of them myself. Happy Easter!

  3. how pretty !!!!! and sweet peas what a treat ! i'm completely in love with this rabbit girl (i assume she is because dressed up in pink ?!) theme or not i know your table will be beautiful.
    i'm sewing a table cloth tomorrow we'll be having an Easter brunch only on Sunday since we re having a fancy dinner at friends.
    thank you so much Elizabeth, you're the (sweet) big kick i needed to go back to blogland.
    a wonderful Easter to the family incl. the ones across land & ocean, they will be missed & will miss you i'm sure.
    much love xo

  4. The flowers are beautiful!
    Love the rabbit.

    Enjoy your Easter day with friends and family.


  5. The colors are absolutely amazing!

  6. Belated Happy Easter friend...the flowers are lovely and I am a big fan of sweet peas too. xo

  7. These flowers are simply breathtaking. I love their soft spring colors. I also adore your rabbit! Beautiful!!!