May 16, 2012

A Little Bit Of This and a Little Bit of That

 I know, this post is a bit late, but I thought I'd share some photos of the Wayfare Tavern. This is where we sat, because we were 30 minutes late for our reservation. The Bay bridge was backed up like no other, and we underestimated how long it was going to take to get there on time. I don't mind watching the kitchen, it can be like theater, but unfortunately the seats were not that comfy. On the plus side, the food was very good!
 The restaurant has some very nice decor to it, and I wish I could have photographed more, especially the super cool bathroom on the second floor ( where we would have been sitting), but I decided to keep it to the food.
This was called "Dandelion Wine." It has procecco  and other refreshing things in it, like that piece of lychee fruit swimming on the bottom.

 I think I had this last time I was there, and it was pretty filling....carrot soup, with roasted pineapple pulp, corn fritters, and shaved country ham. Very nice, but it should be  smaller I think, for a starter.
 This is one of their signature dishes, and Caitlin loves her eggs, so she had this deviled egg starter.
 Dave, had this nice salad.

For the main dish I had lamb braised in Guinness. It was a very lovely dish, and the lamb was so tender and delicious.
 Both Dave and Caitlin had the pappardelle pasta with wild mushrooms. It has other yummy things in it, but you can look on their menu, if you really are curious.
 Dave decided to be brave and have this chocolate pie...... It was huge!
 We had the red velvet cake with white chocolate ice cream. I had to take mine home, since I was too full. It was such a nice treat for the next day.

Backing up a day. We went to my nephew's first communion. It was such a nice ceremony.

 They always look so darn cute dressed up for the event. My nephew, Matthew, is in the center.....
 He is taking it very seriously.

Look how dashing he looks.

I decided that Friday will be the day that I post  retro pictures on this blog. I had to have a think about how I wanted to do it and how to start.  Check back on Friday for the beginning of the retro photos.

I'm busy sewing up those vintage inspired items still, so I've got to get off this lap top and get to work!


  1. the soup sounds yummy...i'll have to find a recipe...

  2. okay - the deviled egg starter looks fabulous! {i'm an egg lover too.} looking forward to your retro photo posts!

  3. it looks beautiful and so do you. and yes, your nephew looks dashing :)!

  4. How sweet! A grand day all around! :) The dandelion wine looks delicious as does the rest! Thanks for letting us share in on the meal! ;)