May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's day!

 I woke up this morning to this stunningly gorgeous bouquet in the living room, sent by Nicole. As I read the card I must say I teared up. I posted many photos of it, so that you can see all the gorgeous flowers that were in it. I was able to skype with Nicole this morning, and she told me about this florist, and to look at their web site. I'm in love!!!! Go and check them out.
 There are little delicate flowers tucked away, and with such care.
 A little piece of Nicole is with me today, even though she is far away.

 Caitlin made me one of her magical handmade cards!! So sweet, and of course will be tucked away with all the other cards she has made me. They are all treasures. She got me a gift certificate to Sephora, so that she can help me choose some make-up products that I have been wanting. She is a genius with the make up brushes, so this will be loads of fun.
 My sweet husband got me these yummy chocolates!!! Along with this..........
Now, I know some moms would not like this for Mother's day, but I have been wanting one of these slicers forever! Now I can make all those beautiful summer salads with whisper thin slices of veggies.
This will be a fun tool :)

For dinner tonight we are going here.  I hope all the moms who read this have a very happy Mother's day!!


  1. Happy Mothers Day! The flowers are stunning! I think a V slicer is a great gift....chocolates and Sephora, not too shabby either.

  2. Glad you had a special Mother's Day... I received a tripod for my camera, a beautiful hummingbird feeder and a few more homemade card from Elsie was for sure my favourite. Your flowers are stunning...I am waiting for my lilacs to bloom!
    love from Muskoka xo

  3. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


  4. A perfect Mother's Day. Those flowers are gorgeous.

  5. so this is like a mandolin slicer right? i've wanted one of these FOREVER!! what a perfect gift. {and add to it the flowers...card...and chocolates...wowza!} :)

  6. That lilac looks so heavenly, I can smell it! :) Happy Mothers Day!! I can tell by your sweet kids that you are blessed!