June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend Roundup

 First let me start off by saying that I'm really annoyed with this new blogger format of uploading photos. It use to be that you uploaded them one at a time, from bottom to top. Now it seems like it has a mind of its own! So......with this post, we are starting with Father's day dinner and then brunch! Bear with me folks. We went here for dinner, and had a prix fixe menu. This restaurant is an off shoot of Quince, the restaurant that we celebrated Caitlin's 21st birthday. It is a much more casual place, and very cozy.

 Name of this cocktail: "The Brazilianaire." Really nice and refreshing.
 Starter: "Halibut Crudo," yes, raw halibut.
 Very nice focaccia bread

 Baked egg with rapini, summer squash, fennel, and chorizo
Main course, was kind of a surf and turf, but fancy chef version. Scallop with short rib, wild nasturtium leaves and petals.
 Cheese course, goats milk cheddar, with their house made apricot jam. David was the only one who ate this.
 Apricot upside down torta, with lemon verbena cream and pickled ginger. This was warm and lovely tasting.
 Caitlin and I had blood orange tea. I took these shots to show you the ceramic wear that this restaurant uses, among others in the Bay Area. The brand is called Heath. Go check out their website, for more info. We plan on making a trip soon to Sausalito to visit the factory. Chez Panisse uses their dinnerware
 as well. I love the tactile feel of it. If I didn't already have a whole set of really nice everyday wear, I would buy a bunch of pieces. I would love to have one of their mugs though.

Well, now the rest of the photos will be of the coffee cake I made for brunch, and a few snaps of the early part of the day.
 I found this recipe on Pinterest, and if you really want the recipe and want to see the photo I fell in love with, go to my "Gorgeous Food" board, and you will find it there. The in between layers are raspberries with sprinkled cocoa powder, brown and regular sugar.

You keep layering until you get to the top.
 Voila! It is not too sweet and very nice with coffee. The picture on Pinterest has melted chocolate with more raspberries and powdered sugar. Because it was for brunch, I didn't want all the extra on it.
 David was the only one showered and ready for the day when we ate, so you won't see any photos of Caitlin or me.
Opening up some gifts from us.
 Father, daughter

We still have our anniversary to celebrate tonight, and then David's birthday on Wednesday. There may be some more photos of food and merriment, hope you aren't too bored. I like to document what we do for our birthdays etc. on my blog, so I can look back if I forget what we did. It has come in handy a few times, so thanks for indulging me for a few posts.

I'm off to get dressed now to go to Chez Panisse!!


  1. We had a lovely dinner at Cotogna when we were there last year. In fact, I think we sat just about where you are--in the window facing the bar. We'll go back when we visit again.

    I know you'll enjoy Chez Panisse!!

    Happy anniversary and birthday!


  2. Enjoy your celebrations--sounds like a lot of fun!

    You can still use the old format for a little bit longer--just switch back.

    Stop by--I am celebrating.


  3. Celebrating with family is just the best, isn't it? Love the cake - I'd never have thought of layering in that way. Must give it a try.