June 15, 2012

A Special Retro Friday

 Today is a special retro Friday. The picture of me is a bit out of the timeline today, but I could not find the the two pictures I wanted to use for this post. I was about two years old in it, and so was the picture I had of David. I turned the house upside down looking for them, but to no avail, so these will have to fill in.
I'm guessing David is about three or four in this picture. Look how adorable he looks! When I put this up, I noticed that you can see a scar on his forehead. He has told me so many funny stories about how many times he fell and cut his forehead open when he was a little boy, and after a while his parent's just put tape on it to help the wound heal! When we were first dating in college, he was taking a soccer class, and he cut his head open with a ball pass that he did! I guess somethings never change.
We met my freshman year of college, so I guess you would say we are college sweethearts. I did tell our story a while back, so I don't want to do the whole story again, but it was meant to be in so many ways, that it is just too hard to write it all down.  So, why am I doing this post with both of us you ask? Well... it is our 29th wedding anniversary this coming Monday! We will be celebrating at Chez Panisse for dinner. I can't wait, since they are serving Cassoulet that day, which is one of my favorite dishes.
 This photo of me is one of my favorites, and I think I'm about 3 or 4 in it.  I wanted to do a post with this photo later, and  I think I still will, because the color version of it makes this photo so sweet, and I have a few thoughts about it to share with you.
I turned this photo into black and white also, and I think it looks rather special this way. All of my wedding pictures seem to have a yellow retro look from the 80's, so doing this to it, helps I think. I love this picture of us more than all the other more formal ones. We look happy, and relieved that we got through the hour long Catholic mass wedding!!!

Like everyone says, time  sure does fly, but when I look at this photo, it now seems like it was another lifetime ago, and I look like a kid......well, I guess I was at only 20 years old.
I wouldn't have done it any other way though, and have never regretted getting married at a young age. Perhaps it isn't for everyone, but for me it worked.  Some people just don't know what they want at an early age, and that is OK, but I think if you know, and in your heart things are good, most likely you found "The One." I know I did!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY  honey, I love you!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope your day is wonderful. I've wanted to tell you before, but after seeing these photos I have to say it, You are so beautiful!
    (20 years old is practically an old maid in KY. I was married at 19 ;) )

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a delicious place to celebrate. I hope you'll tell us what you had. Love the photos.


  3. Aww shucks, thanks Tricia..... and Bonnie as well!

    I will do a post on the dinner, as Alice Waters may be there that evening, to help launch a cookbook. We shall see

  4. Cheers to many many more years of married bliss! Good work you two...xoxo

  5. 29? Years? These days that is a miracle. Congratulations to both of you - I deffinetly think Alice Waters, or rather her staff, might be able to come up with something worthy of this awesome occasion. Your photo when you were little is delicious. Ok, so is David's pic. In your wedding photo you both look ecstatic. I am so happy it has worked out so well. It is no wonder you look so good now - you were adorable when you were three, and head turning beautiful at twenty. David lucked out.