June 12, 2012

A Tiny Sneak Peek

 I'm working on the most darling dress, made from this super pretty linen. I have tried to capture the color as best I could in these photos, with natural light. It is such a beautiful fabric. The dress is going to be for a size
 6 little girl. Here is a peek of the sleeve. Not finished yet, but I love the way it is coming out so far. The cuff isn't sewn down, and more delightful features still need to be completed. I hope you will come back to see it when it is finished.
 I just picked up a copy of the new Marie Claire Idees, and I'm not impressed with this issue at all. Ever since they went to 6 issues per year, it has really suffered in content. I have been buying this French magazine since 1996, and when I look back through the old ones, there are so many projects and inspiration. I feel that it is no longer the same, and this make me kind of sad. Please Marie Claire Idees, bring back all of your pretty embroidery patterns!
I have been looking for this UK magazine for a long time. It is sweet, but a bit too expensive. I have purchased 3 of them so far, but it really has  to have something in it that I want to make or I don't buy it. I don't know about you, but I have become quite selective in magazine buying lately, when I use to not be. I was a true addict, and would have many subscriptions. Now I only have three that come to the house, and I will frequent this place , and give them some business. I like them because they will call you when your favorites come in, and hold a copy for you.

Today I'm really sleepy, having stayed up too late watching Conan and then going to the gym this morning, really has worn me out. Oh, did I mention it is 90+ degrees out today! This heat always makes me tired.

Glad that everyone is enjoying the Retro Friday, I'm having fun digging up the old photos. I have some cute pictures to share this Friday, so come back and check in!


  1. I love magazines too but they aren't what they used to be.
    Some are too big for their pants-if you know aht I mean.
    The dress is adorable!
    Yor Retro pics are a hoot!

    Take care and come by sometime.


  2. That color - ethereal peach/pink, reminds me of the roses that used to grow in my grandmother's garden. Already the dress looks fantastic. I am looking forward to the finished dress.
    As far as magazines go, I am so spoiled, now that we have blogs. I would rather go from one blog to the next, creating my own magazine in the process, so to speak, than being "stuck" with one magazine. I only subscribe to one magazine, National Geographic, and I get that one on my iPad. I read and re-read it. I get many creative ideas from it and I like the fact that whatever I learn from there stays with me. I used to have a subscription (paper) to Selvedge magazine, but I found the pictures were never large enough and it was hit or miss with the articles. Marie Claire, like many magazines, seems to have become watered down. As the years pass, I find myself buying less and less stuff that I know will end up shelved.
    I have been in Minnesota for a few days and just got back last night, Elizabeth. In the next day or so I will post my lampshade progress. Hope the hot weather doesn't prolong the finishing of that beautiful dress as I am positive it is going to be a winner!