June 8, 2012

Retro Friday

So, it's that time again, where I bring out an old photo and reminisce about the good old days. I can't remember how old I am in this photo, but my best guess would have to be around one. My brother most likely three.
This is my brother Tom. Like most sibling relationships, we have had our ups and downs. I love him to death, but he was a stinker of a brother growing up! We would have fun playing one minute, then the next we were fighting like cats and dogs! To say he was an active little boy is an understatement.   He could not sit still for very long, and was always out playing until the sun went down. Shortly after I was born, we moved to the valley in northern California, and for a short time lived down town. We had some neighbor kids to play with, and a nice sized yard, but it wasn't until we moved out to the country, that he was in his element. Of course those were the days where you could roam all day, and didn't come home until it was dinner time.  For those of us raised in the 60's and 70's, you will most likely remember your mom standing on the front door step yelling for you to come home. My brother sometimes didn't hear, and would constantly get in trouble. Good times though....I'll share more of our adventures at another time.

My brother was not always very kind to me growing up, and one of the most sad memories was when I was very little, and we were driving home from church. I must have been around 4 or so. I don't know how the car door opened, but I fell out. He closed the door and didn't tell my parents that I fell out of the car. How my parents didn't hear the door opening and closing is beyond me.  Most likely one of us was playing with the handle, but regardless, I can't believe my brother never told them that I had fallen out.  My dad has told me the story from his perspective, and he said that all he remembers was looking in the rear view mirror, and seeing me running behind the car with my knees all bloody.He was shocked that my brother never said a word that I had fallen out of the car. I'm sure he got in big trouble for this, but I can't really remember what happened to him. I do remember falling though :( It all seemed like slow motion.  That is one of the many naughty things he did, BUT I have to say that there were times that he was there for me and stood by me.
Since I told you a naughty story, I'll tell you one where he was the brother that I wished was around more often.
In high school, I was the straight arrow and never got into any trouble, and didn't bother anyone else either, and was on the shy side. My brother was the star athlete and loved by his fellow team mates, and looked up to because of his talent. Even though he teased me ALL the time, to the point of me wanting to kill him, he would never let anyone say anything bad about me.  One time this boy was saying things about me that were not true, because I would not go out with him. He was on the track team with my brother. When I told Tom what he was saying.....He took care of it. I was at home, when the door bell rang, and it was the boy standing in front of me, visibly shaken and apologizing all over the place. He explained to me that my brother told him he would teach him a lesson, if he didn't apologize to me, and made him ride his bike all the way to our house! We lived miles away from the school.
I think it was a combination of him looking up to my brother, and how he probably threatened to punch his lights out. Long and short of it, no one messed with me......except maybe him, when he was being naughty!!!

Tom lives in Panama now, and I don't often get to see him. I'll introduce my sister when she starts fitting into the time line.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. I'm enjoying your biographical posts very much! Thank you for sharing! :) Cece

  2. Thanks Ce Ce ! Hope you are well :)

  3. what a story! There is so much inspiration in old family photographs!

  4. Those old photographs bring the memories flooding back, don't they? My own brother (just the two of us) was sixteen years older than me but we were still very close.

  5. The image of you running to try to catch up to the car with your bloody knees is spot on - it sucked me right into the story. Are you enjoying your retro Fridays as much as we are?

  6. @Carolina....Yes, I'm really enjoying these, and I hope to have a fun time line of sorts on here. My dad was/is a wonderful photographer, and there are all sorts of neat pictures that he took, but they are at my moms. I managed to get some printed off of the slides he took, so I'm working with some of those, and some other prints that I have.

  7. What a sweet photo! The picture of you definitely looks a lot like your daughter! And what a crazy story of falling! That happened to my uncle on the school bus when he was little! Glad you were okay! :)