June 3, 2012

iphone Weekend in Pictures

 Thursday we usually have a little date night, and try and stay closer to home since it is a work day the next day, so we went here for dinner.  We had a Hemingway daiquiri with some house made smoked and spiced almonds.....
 followed by duck confit with fresh cherries and morrel mushrooms, sitting on spaetzle.  This dish was wonderful! The restaurant is newly opened, and when we went on the second day they opened their doors, our dinner had a few issues, but I knew it was opening day jitters in the kitchen, and they had some great potential. They have now worked out all the kinks, and boy is it really nice now.  I will say the drink however was watered down a bit, and I think next time if it happens again, I may say something. I'm not much of a drinker, so I'm not going to ding the restaurant based on this.
 We split this nice strawberry rhubarb tart. Crust was tender and flavorful, and over all not too sweet.
 Friday, we headed over to my sisters to celebrate this little cuties 8th grade graduation. We all got a little misty over this, as yet another chapter closes and a newly minted high school student is born. I was in the delivery room when she was born, and it is always so emotional when you see the passage of time through children. You might recognize my other niece with the long dark hair, to the right. She will be a junior next year! Same thing with her, I can't believe she is on the last two years of high school.
 Saturday, we went to Berkeley Bowl to get all of our produce and decided to have a little treat here.
This place  sits in the middle of three other favorite restaurants, but it took us this long to try it out. Now, first off, I'm not an ice cream eater AT ALL. I don't like the milky taste on my tongue, and perhaps that is why I tend not to like creamy sauces, and loath cheese.  This is why I was excited to give this a try, because it is basically vegan. They use the word "Sorbet" very loosely here, given that most of the flavors are a frozen nut based concoction. I had the chocolate peanut butter, and it was very creamy, almost like gelato, so A+ on that. But why I won't go back, is that this size I'm holding, that is literally the size of a ping pong ball, is $3.00!! I think I would rather just make my own fruit sorbet at home, since I'm not a true lover of frozen desserts, and find this slightly outrageous. I get that the ingredients are top quality, but it isn't made of gold for goodness sakes!

David had the pistachio. I love pistachio, but for some reason, it didn't taste that special to me. They do change their flavors a lot, so if I happen to be in the area, and it is 90+ degrees, perhaps I will crack my wallet open and give it another try.

Sunday has just started, so who knows what iphone adventures await me today!

Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend.


  1. OK - mental note in Carolina's brain: make sure to visit Elizabeth on Thursday night, date night, so that you get to go to a killer restaurant with both Elizabeth and David. Second note to self: bring a sorbet so you don't have to go by Scream and fork out 3 bucks for a spoonful of sorbet even IF the name "Scream" for an ice cream place is soooo California cool.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! I love the idea of cooking with cherries like you had in your duck confit. Can't wait for summer fruits to emerge here. Congratulations on your niece's graduation! That is so sweet and crazy how fast time goes. My youngest brother is about to finish his first year of college & gosh, wasn't he just a baby?! I'm so proud of him! Happy Monday Elizabeth!

  3. What a sweet weekend! Your niece is so cute! Congratulations to her!

  4. congratulations to the new graduate and your iphone snaps are great. the food looks delicious as always!

  5. What agreat weekend for you.
    Congratulations to your niece.
    Milestones all over the place.
    Have a great week.