June 1, 2012

Retro Friday, Meet the Parents

Thought I'd back up a bit and introduce my parents. Juanita and Douglas. This picture was taken on their honeymoon, and I believe they are in Disneyland.
My parents met in Panama when my dad was stationed in the Canal Zone. My mom was 20 in this photo and my dad was 22. When I look at them in this picture, they seem older to me, but I think it is because they are my parents. I love how styling they look :)

I want to do a post on each of them separately, so I won't go into their individual stories on this post. I'm foggy on how they actually met, I believe it was through friends. I do know that when they first started dating they had to have a chaperone. Can you even imagine that?  I really wish I had a photo of their wedding in my possession, but alas, they are at my mom's house. Her dress was gorgeous, and designed and made by her stepmother. When they moved to the States eventually, her dress was stolen while it was being shipped back with some of their things. There was no way though that I would ever fit into it, as I believe she was rail thin at 85 or so lbs!

If I remember the story correctly, after they got married, they came to L.A. for their honeymoon, and to visit with my grandparents, who lived in Santa Monica at the time. They also had another small ceremony, since my grandparents were unable to attend the big wedding in Panama.

Unfortunately my parents divorced when I was nine or so. Looking back now as an adult I can understand more clearly that they were like oil and water, and their goals for life were so different. Of course I don't know all the complexities of what went wrong in their relationship, but knowing them today, I can't picture them together. They stayed married for close to 11 years though, so they gave it a good try.

Like everyone, they have their own stories, so when I do their posts, I will go more into who they are.
I thought I'd at least introduce them though.

Happy Friday to everyone!!!


  1. They are so cute!! I am loving your Retro Fridays! My parents went to Disneyland too for their honeymoon! :) Her dress sounds gorgeous!

  2. folks did look older back then, but their clothes are right in style today. have a wonderful weekend!

  3. You know this "Retro Friday" is something I am really liking. Would it be ok with you if I followed suit? I don't think I could keep up with it once a week like you are doing, I have difficulty as it is it posting once or twice a week. It must have been scary and freeing at the same time for your mom coming here that young, no English, no friends, no resources. Perhaps it is scarier for her, now to look back on it and see, clearly, how I'll prepared she may have been for such a shift in her life. Funny how some folks just take such big chances that are life altering. I am super glad she did because now we all have you. Is your mom still alive? Can you record (or video tape) her telling what the wedding dress was like? I think you are on to something wonderful, here, Elizabeth. I really like your Retro Fridays.
    I am off to work at my ball & chain garden before I take my oldest to a concert she is performing in. Her concert is going to cut my day in half. Hopefully it will be the hottest part of the day - the part when I would probably give up working in the heat.

  4. @Carolina, You most certainly can take the Retro Friday idea! Another blogger who reads is doing it too, she posted one this past Friday, and it was so fun to see her as a little girl. Her blog is called "Fabulous since 1961" it is on my side bar.

    Yes my mom is still alive, but unfortunately like we have talked about before, I'm the black sheep of the family, and we aren't speaking. Not by my choice. All the really beautiful photos of her dress are with her, and someday it would be nice to have them.

  5. what a perfect image of that era! yes...they are styling. dating with a chaperone...wow. whole different kind of life huh? looking forward to hearing about each of your parents individually. :)