July 3, 2012

Blush Pink Linen Dress

Oh boy this took a while to complete! It really is a matter of getting myself on a better schedule, more than this actually being very difficult. Although I must say the scallops were new for me, and the hem is the kind that you have to ease in since it is very, very full, and that took some doing.
It is definitely a special occasion dress, and I think it would be a cute little church dress also.
The peachy pink of the linen is so pretty, and the drape is great. The white fabric on the collar and arm bands is cotton batiste.

I'll be making a couple more summer items, then I suppose I should be getting a head start on the fall and winter. I'm really thinking hard this time about what to include as a fun Christmas item too. Last year I was way too late in the game, and I only ended up doing one little mouse toy. While I enjoyed making it, I think I need to make something that will not be as time consuming. Just thinking out loud for now, but before you know it, the leaves will be falling and we will be dragging out holiday decorations out of the attic!

I hope everyone has fun and fantastic plans for the 4th, I'll be cooking up some BBQ ribs for dinner this year. I don't think I have had ribs for over 10 years or more, so this will be fun. I also have to get up early in the morning to make my blueberry pie :)

Happy 4th!


  1. Oh my - that is so beautiful.

    Nina x

  2. wow! that dress is absolutely beautiful!


  3. I blew up all the pictures, nice and big. I am fascinated by the details - the buttons, the edging, the perfect finishes everywhere I look. I think this is a keeper dress, whoever gets this will have it forever in and amongst their things to treasure.
    Really impressive, Elizabeth. And the color - ethereal.


  4. Definitely a heirloom that will be cherished. Just beautiful!

  5. the scallops are insanely beautiful and the pale pink with the pretty sleeves so special. some little girl will be very lucky to call this her own. enjoy your weekend!