July 2, 2012

Lovely Lavender

Nothing says summer like lavender right?! Today I went out in the yard to harvest some fresh lavender for this container, that I have in my half bathroom. I bought it here ages ago. I had three huge lavender bushes in the back yard, but something happened to one of them, so the gardeners must have yanked it out. A week or so ago, I planted three more, so hopefully I will have five big bushes. I now know why I don't go out and harvest more lavender, than I did for that little container.........
As I approached the bush, it was covered with bees. This is a very a happy site, since not too long ago there were articles written on the disappearance of the honey bees. I remember not seeing that many a couple of summers ago, but today...well, I had to very gently clip some stems, while trying not to upset
this little guy, or....
this site for sore eyes. As I was cutting away, all I could hear was humming. I really thought that if I kept cutting, one of them was going to get mad at me and bite, so I clipped the amount shown in the first picture, and high tailed it out of there! I'll enjoy the bushes from the patio, and leave the cute little honey , and bumble bees to do their work.
I also noticed a ton of flowers on the pomegranate tree. Last season, there were very few blooms. I guess we are in for a treat in the fall!

The weather in our area has been quite nice, unlike many parts of the US at the moment. I hope all of you in the hot regions are staying cool.

I'm off to sew nine buttonholes on the linen dress, that seems to have taken me entirely too long to finish. Next up on the cutting table are some more simpler pieces. Stay tuned for photos of the pretty blush pick dress!!


  1. Love the smell of lavender--it is so calming.

    Have a great evening.


  2. My lavender is just ready to harvest now...i'll be doing it tomorrow. You know how I love it... xo

  3. I, too, have been keeping a zillion bees very happy. Of all the critters, they NEVER stop doing their thing. From the first light of day they are out there all day long. I have planted lavender as well - but more on a whim, I don't know if they will survive the cold winters and the humid summers. I have to apologize for not getting on the Internet and visiting your blog. The "gardeners" at my place are Greg and me, and we have just completed a massive overhaul of the landscaping. I never expected to be this whiped out. It has been all consuming. I remember reading about a place in Washington state called the lavender capital of the US. The town was called Sequim, tucked in a dry spot of Washington, they have a lavender festival there. I would love to see that. I have to go to check out your retro Friday post that I missed.

  4. Before taking the family off for our summer break in W.C. I'm hoping to get a lavender hedge in, but given the weather here the last few months I'm not sure if it will survivethe deluge.