August 28, 2012

Humboldt County Weekend Part 1

Phew, just recovered today from our trip up north to Humboldt County! It is a five hour car trip through some beautiful country, but can be very exhausting. We went to college up here, and would make the trek down to the Bay Area all the time, and sometimes just for the day! I can't believe we use to do that. We knew we were getting close to home when we saw the denser redwood groves and these very silly big foot tourist traps! We left the Bay Area at about 11:30 am and got into Eureka at Five-ish.
We stayed at the Carter house Inn B&B. To the outsider, one would think this is one of the many Victorians that are all over Eureka, but in reality, this was built in 1982. We were going to school up there at the time it was completed, and got to tour the inside. This place started out as a possible home to the person who decided to build it, but found they couldn't afford the upkeep. They found the blueprints to this house in a local bookstore, and decided to build it exactly as it was built originally. The original is in San Francisco. The cool part of the story is, that it ended up being the same architect as the Carson mansion, that you will see in a bit. I don't really care for all the yellow paint they used in the interior, but keeping it more modern is a nice touch. No stuffy Victorian furnishings.

I really loved all the Carrera marble they used on the floor. I remember this hallway back in 82.
This is a not so great iphone picture of our room. We also had a nice sitting area down the hall. We were quite happy with our room, until it was time to go to sleep. Zero sound proofing, and we could hear everything that went on outside and inside, as if there were no walls! I could go on a huge rant here, but I will save it for my Yelp review.
This is the Carson mansion. You can go on the web page to have the whole history of the place, and better photos than I took with the iphone. All the years we lived here, we wondered what it looked like inside. The general public is not allowed in, as it is a mens club. Our dear college friends that live up there are members, so we finally got to go in and see what it looked like inside. They also have a restaurant for the members, and we had a very nice dinner. The view was beautiful from the restaurant, and of course it was so nice to catch up with our friends of 28 years!
One of the parlors
Victorian bathroom
Billiard room
Servant room
This place had some beautiful stained glass windows through out.
This view is from the tippy top in the cupola.

If you want to snoop with better pictures, go to the sight and look at the gallery, there are some beautiful photos, and also the history of Mr& Mrs. Carson is on there as well.

I wanted to break up the posts on my trip, only because I really want to document our time for memories later. If you aren't into vacation photos sorry. Hopefully you will check back for part two and possible three since I have more to share.


  1. you should never apologize for what you post ... it's your bloghouse. the inn looks beautiful!